Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sex Bed Sunday #2

I didn’t expect to be doing another entry before the move, but CJ really inspired me this time.
I’ll do the description fairly quickly.

We had spent most of the day starting the serious packing, taking things off the walls, and packing and labeling plenty of boxes.
In the early afternoon we were running out of steam. We met up in the downstairs office and began those soft knowing kisses we enjoy. I opted to take a shower and invited CJ to join me. It’s be a while since we showered together. I got in while he shaved. He finally joined me. Once we decided on the temperature of the water I started moving my soapy, slippery hands over his body. I think it’s a healing sort of thing to wash someone. This was just a quick version of what I would do for healing purposes. My hands moved all over him as he turned to make it easier for me. At last I made it to his cock, it slipped easily between my hands. Even though I had already washed myself he returned the favor.
Once out of the shower we dryed off and headed for the bed.

I was wearing only a tee-shirt so CJ went straight for my pussy, my clit started throbbing almost immediately. He played with me from clit to my aching hole. I felt like being especially bad and rolled over to pull my favorite toy out of my toy drawer. It’s been featured in Toy Drawer #3.
He really played with me using that, bringing me to the edge a couple of times.
His cock was hard and handsome by now, but we were interrupted by a message from our daughter. CJ quickly text-messaged her back then said to me “Look what happened” Yep, Mr. Happy didn’t look quite as happy anymore. I was instructed to fix it. I quickly moved between his thighs and started licking and sucking. The past couple times we have made love things have become so urgent that I didn’t take the time to taste CJ. Now I had a fucking feast. The best kind of all, the feel of cock hardening in my mouth. I let him out of my mouth and climbed up on CJ. I eased myself onto his cock and began the fun of screwing myself all around it....just plain riding him. Oh that is sooo good!

Once his cock was well oiled with my pussy juices I asked for permission to suck his cock again. It was quickly given and I moved to his cock. I started with long lollipop licks this time, I wanted to taste ‘us’ on his cock. He’s just so damn yummy though I soon had that cockhead parting my lips so I could seriously eat him some more. I couldn’t stop moaning and slurping all over that delicious cock. He slipped out of my mouth and as he did he took his hard tool in his hand and started stroking. I wasn’t about to move from my sweet spot. I nuzzled, kissed, licked, and sucked his balls while he jerked. It wasn’t long before he rolled me over and just slammed his rock hard cock inside me. He held me very close with one hand around the back of my head and I loved the feeling of becoming one with him.
Putting it plainly we fucked hard and came hard, together....creating this Sex Bed Sunday.

Sex Bed Sunday


Desire X said...

And I slept in all weekend. Guess I have no one else to blame for missing the Sunday sex fun. I'll have to make it up this week.

The big test?
How goes it?
Tell us it went incredibly and CJ is walking on cloud nine.

Is CJ going to be a secret agent?
If you answer that do you have to kill me?

Oooh. This is so exciting!

sexbed kisses,


CJ said...

No word yet, and NO, I can't tell you anything about it except in vague terms so as to not compromise Deb's security for the site etc.
What would you do if YOUR boss (or your partner's boss) found out about your sexblog?
Worse, imagine the harrasment we would receive (you and your company) if some less than savory person out there got ahold of or surmised where you or your SO work?
Plus, not everyone who works in Washington is a spy. The job is with a broadcasting firm, that's all I'll say.

Checking Deb's stats on the blog, a big shout out to people in Saudia Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan coming to the site.. are you some of our brave soldiers or a naughty muslim person who shouldn't be checking this site out? Heh heh heh.
We both support the troops and not the stoopid monkey at the top who leads them...

Shay said...

Sounds like a great way to "make" a bed to me ^_^
Damn your bed looks tidy after such hot sex!

single gal said...

fabulous, absolutely fabulous.
luv the after photo as well.

Anonymous said...

Yep the picture doesn't do it justice.
Maybe next time we should do before and after
CJ sure has inspired me lately. I didn't think I would be posting again until after the move, but I did SBS and already have something set up for CBW this week.
I guess you can't keep a good blogger down!

Cherrie said...

Mmmm . . . that would work for me! Tasting "us" on his cock . . . so yummy!

jsull said...

I'll be back
excellent description
felt like I was watching