Friday, August 11, 2006

Tagged Again

It's been awhile so I had no compunction about complying with this tag.

Ken over at Dirty Couple In Virginia tagged us the other day and here is my reply:

A) Four jobs I have had in my life: Nurse's Aide, Pizza Maker, Telephone Interviewer and Programmer (none of which I do now)

B) Four movies I could watch over and over: Sideways, The Princess Bride, Dune, and Star Wars (New Hope)

C) Four places I have lived: Media PA, Toledo OH, Ashland OH, and Baltimore MD

D) Four TV shows I love to watch: The Daily Show, LOST, House, and Medium

E) Four places I've been on vacation: London, Paris, San Francisco, the Jersey shore

F) Four of my favorite websites: Wikipedia, IMDb, The S Spot, my daughter's artwork site

G) Four of my favorite foods: Mac and Cheese, Steak, Pizza, and any good deli sandwich

H) Four friends I will tag: Joe and Dee, Him and Her, Arkay, and California Gal and MCB

I) Right now I would rather be: Traveling on an old train.


DevilBlueDress said...

A certain cowgirl from Texas is asking for my help. To spread the word. She has a new place. It can be found by following me. Looking carefully at my site. Or email me. Add a new link. Leave the old.

ArkayToday said...

Oh my! I've been tagged. This is a first. (I'll forgo the obvious cherry popping, virgin comment.)

oops. I guess I wont.

Anonymous said...

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