Sunday, October 2, 2011

Debbie Does You #9 - Out In The Open

Here's another DDU request from a client of mine in Viva Ponata.  He gave specifics about what he wanted and I hope I gave it to him

The sunny day came bursting through the big windows in my bedroom.  I woke and looked over at Rob and smiled.  He stirred, opened his eyes and gave me back an impish grin.  We had been together for 4 months now and every time he spent the night it seemed to get better and better.  There were still things I wanted to explore with him in bed, but I wasn’t quite comfortable yet.  My courage was building though.  The fact was what I wanted to explore with him wouldn’t happen in bed at all.

A couple of weeks went by; still I hadn’t brought up the special kink of mine.  I was trying to decide on the right place and time.  This morning I hit the brink; it was building up in me.

“Hey Craig I need to talk to you this morning, OK?”

Craig just smiled and nodded, telling me to go ahead.
I prefaced my request my letting him know there was nothing wrong.  I went on to tell Craig how much I enjoyed being an exhibitionist. Would he have a problem enjoying it with me?  At first, I saw that he was a bit taken a back by what I had just revealed to him.  Then it seemed as though the wheels in his head started turning, there was an excitement starting to show through in his expression.

“Not a problem at all honey, I have a great idea”, he answered with his face starting to flush.

I suggested that we have some coffee and breakfast and talk about it out of the bedroom.  I needed some coffee to help me with my plan.

“Now listen to me Deb”, Craig started.
“I want to have fun with this, will you let me take pictures of you ?” , he asked hopefully.

I hadn’t thought of that before, but I was willing to talk about it and work out a plan.  By the time we finished our second cups of coffee, we decided that we would go out to dinner two or three times to different restaurants.  At each place, we’d use the valet parking and flash the valet.  I decided not to wear any panties at all the first night.  Craig got out of the car first and stood behind the valet with his iPhone ready to take the pick.  The valet helped me out of the car, I spread my legs slightly as I bent my leg and put my right leg down to get out.  It was obvious the valet saw my bald pussy; his smile gave him away, while at the same time Craig snapped two pictures with the sound turned off.

The second time, three days later, I decided to wear a thong and work my way out of the car ass first, my skirt rode up and I showed off my round ass as Craig took more pictures. We decided to do it two more times and it was fun.  I would get wet at dinner still thinking about what I had done.  Then we would go home and look over the pictures.  It always turned the both of us on so much that we were fucking like bunnies.  After four times I needed more.  I needed to let the full exhibitionist out!

We stopped doing it after the fourth time, if for any other reason than it was getting expensive.  However, once we stopped the sex got a little less exciting.
After about two weeks without flashing, I came up with another idea.

“Craig, will you fuck me in that park about a mile from here...please ?”

He seemed to hesitate at first, but he told me he loved me and wanted to make me happy so he’d try it.

“How about the next sunny Saturday?”, I asked.

It was fine and it turned into our plan.  I already knew the weather forecast and that the upcoming Saturday was going to be beautiful.  Throughout the week I purposely didn’t make love to Craig, I wanted the both us to be very ready for our upcoming adventure.
Saturday we agreed that we would go down the park later in the afternoon. We decided to ‘dress’ for the occasion.  I didn’t wear any panties, a short skirt, and a demi-bra.  He didn’t wear his boxers and wore jeans with polo short.

I was glad it was a short drive to the park.  I figured a semi-secluded place would be best.  The thrill wasn’t worth being arrested.  The hiking trail looked inviting so we headed down it with our blanket.  The perfect area presented itself after a few minutes and it was as if we both knew it at the same time.  There was a row of tall bushes along one side of the clearing, and a pond on the other.  We put the blanket down and fell into each other’s arms.  This had to be quick down and dirty sex and I didn’t care, it was what I wanted.

Craig gently lay me down on the blanket, joining me and kissing my neck, my ears, and my mouth deeply.  His hands were up my blouse in no time, my nipples were surrounded by two fingers as he squeezed my big tits.  I felt like a schoolgirl being felt-up behind the gym.  Craig pulled my tits out of the cups, and his dick out of his pants.  I took a hold of it and stroked him until he got hard and his pre-cum was on my fingers.  I spread it over his cock head.  It was then that he told me this was fun and rolled me over to my stomach. I got on my hands and knees and before he entered me, Craig told me he loved me.

I enjoyed the excitement about the risk of being caught, but more than that, it was the open air.  A cool breeze was sweeping over my skin that had become damp with sweat and wet kisses.  I always felt free making love with Craig, but there is a freedom of fucking in open air and by the water.
Craig was moving in and out of my slick pussy.  He teased me, pulling all the way out and moving his knob, wet with my juices, up and down my slit, tickling my clit and then, this time, slamming deep inside me.  I gripped the cool grass between my fingers instead of our sheets and moaned out.
Craig intensified my arousal by leaning over and telling me he thought the people on the other side of the pond had heard me.  I pushed harder back against him when he said that.  He was pounding my cunt now, tugging at my nipples, and kissing the back of my neck, we were together.  We were lovers in the woods celebrating each other.

We rocked together and as we came close to orgasm Craig finally said, “Cum baby, cum for those people over there”

With that, the waves came over me; hot waves of orgasm ran through me.  A few quick strokes with a final screwing of his cock into my tight pussy and Craig joined me, groaning and collapsing on top of me.  I looked around and couldn’t see anyone, both of us laughed at the fun we had, dusted ourselves off and headed home.

We decided to clean up together and took a shower.  As I was washing Craig’s back I thought to myself; Maybe next time he’ll tie me to a tree, while I’m on my hands as knees and take me up the ass.  However, I have to tell him about my bondage kink first I guess.

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BOING!!! That was the sound of my cock springing to attention - whew..
One of the best stories I think you've ever written!