Sunday, June 24, 2007

Let’s Enjoy the Buffet

It was one of those nights when just one man wouldn’t do and I thought if Mr. W (I’ve spoken of him before) and CJ could step up to the plate that we’d all enjoy each other.
I made the plans to have the guys in the bedroom and ready for me at the end of one of my hard days.
I walked through the door and sighed, thinking that neither of the men had showed up. I walked to the bedroom planning on a shower and was pleasantly surprised. My guys were there, in all there glory, each in his birthday suit and a grin. I told them that I needed a shower and moved to the master bathroom.
I had a brief but enjoyable hot shower then joined the boys in the bedroom, and like them, wearing nothing but a grin.

CJ wanted to get off by watching and making a video, so he was comfortably seated on a chair at the foot of the bed with the camera.
Mr. W was obviously anxious pointed downward and said, “On the floor”.
I knelt before him as I’ve done several times before, looked up at him as he said,
“Lick the head”
I flicked my tongue across his throbbing head, lapping at his cockhead as a teaser while CJ watched through the display of a digital recorder. All I did was love his knob, nibbling at the underside. Mr. W leaned down and tugged at my nipples, just making my pussy ache more.
He lifted me up off the floor and escorted me to the bed. Then he leaned in, took a long suck on my hard nipples, and nibbled across my tits. He pulled and stretched at my nipples with his sucks and bites, and I loved it. My chest heaved with my moans. I watched as Mr. W. got all nasty on my tits and he looked so damn good doing it.
“You’re tits make me want to cum”, he whispered in my ear. I smiled and giggled then he said, “First I’m going to work on your ass a bit”
I turned and around and presented my ass to him, knowing he wanted it as his own plaything. Being the gentleman he was in bed, he even thanked me.
A warm wet feeling then ran the length of my crevasse, my pussy tightened and tingled with the sensation of Mr. W’s tongue on me.
I spread my knees apart wider and I reached back to spread my ass cheeks apart for him.
“Such a pretty hole”, he tells me.
His tongue began to explore my rosebud asshole ever so slightly. I felt goose bumps over my ass cheeks. The more he played, the more relaxed I became and his tongue tip ventured farther.
“That’s good, more tongue babe”, I softly moan.
With my request, he goes deeper, and then removes it. My clit was aching and my pussy was dripping already. I felt as though my juices would run down my thighs soon. Mr. W. went back to his ass play, rubbing my cheeks as he licked at my cherry bud. It didn’t take too long until he moaned that he wanted to suck my pussy and I needed him to eat me. He licked and nibbled at my pussy lips.
It was about at this time that CJ chimed in that he wanted to get a good look at the meal.

I straddled Mr. W’s face and faced CJ, his cock was rock hard and he stroked it as I lowered my swollen hot pussy onto the tongue of another man. I reached down and spread my lips as I did it, exposing my swollen clit.
I leaned forward to get another taste of his hard cock as I rubbed my snatch over Mr. W’s face. He holds back, teasing me, just to make me squirm on his face to paint it with my pussy juice. I teased him too, sucking just on his knob as I looked into CJ’s eyes, or at least the camera’s eye, and watched him slowly jerk his cock. Seeing CJ turned me on even more and I rocked on Mr. W’s face, needing more. I was soaking, dripping onto his tongue as he nibbled and licked at my love nib. He was driving me wild and I stopped sucking his cockhead long enough to lift my head up and beg to be eaten with wild abandon. After that I felt a beautiful pain, as he nibbled harder on my clit, then sucked at my slippery slit. I moaned out,
“More, please, more”. This time my pleas included those of CJ’s as he let him know what to do “Just eat my whore”.

The feast continues next time…


Alfie said...

I'm losing count of the number of times Emm has benefited from my having read your blog. Another very sexy post, for which much thanks!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Great story. I'm presuming that it is fiction but I can't tell for certain. didn't you use to color code your posts?

woody said...

Just as good the second time around. Hat off to the Lady Dirty Deb!


Lucy Felthouse said...

Don't you just love wild abandon?

Anonymous said...

Alfie: your very welcome, and thanks for stopping by and enjoying.

MCB: Wow, you really impress me, you're right before I switched to the new blogger and a new layout I used to color code my stories. I talked to CJ and he said I should start doing it again, so I will. There will be a code in the sidebar. BTW: the story is fiction based on cybersex.

Woody: Ah my Mr. W. the second half will be as sweet too.

SM said...

Outstanding! Got me wanting more! Love the picture! Tasty!