Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let's Finish The Buffet

Be sure to enjoy the first part of the buffet here:

CJ moved onto the bed and sat me back on Mr. W’s face. I put my arms behind me and leaned back on them, as Mr. W’s tongue entered my tight snatch, CJ put the camera down and started lapping at my clit. He just can’t stay away from a big swollen clit. I had never felt two tongues on my pussy before. I was in heaven. The sound of two men slurping at me was driving me closer to the edge; I was getting ready to cream two faces.
They weren’t going to make it that easy for me though. They both stopped. CJ picked up his camera again as Mr. W. pulled on my ankles, forcing me to my back.
“I want to work your tits while I fuck you”, Mr. W said as he started to mount me.
The time for teasing was definitely over. He pushed his cock inside me, moving easily into my slippery tight hole. Then he shoved himself inside me to the hilt, his balls resting on my ass. I screamed out as his dick stretched my pussy, my back arched as I could feel his heat all over the wet walls of my pussy.
CJ, even though he has the best view, puts the camera on a tripod and joins us again. CJ licked at my asshole as ‘W’ went deeper into my pussy.
With that, CJ stuck his thumb up my ass.
I screamed out, “Fuck me”.

CJ’s thumb pushed against Mr. W’s rock hard cock as he began to fuck me. ‘W’ nibbled at my tits as he pushed deeper inside me.
CJ’s cock by now was at rock hard attention and dripping as he pleasured the both us. I was hitting the point where I was drunk on cock, drunk on fucking.
I felt bad because CJ’s cock was so hard and handsome, but it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. I let ‘W’ know it too, and told him to suck off CJ. He slowed down his strokes, but stayed inside me as CJ pulled his thumb from me, stood over me and gave ‘W’ his dick.

‘W’ started by sucking on his swollen knob. CJ moaned and was smiling; just seeing him that way turned me on. The both of them looked fantastic. As I Iooked up, CJ was straddling me; I could see his balls were tight and surely aching from Mr. W’s sucks. Still he managed to keep fucking my pussy with each thrust into me I heard a slurp and suck on CJ. Mr. W was actually making the both of us moan. ‘W’ took him all the way down and CJ’s balls were resting on his chin as he fucked me harder and deeper. I pushed and screwed my pussy right back onto his hot shaft. My pussy clamped around his meat and pulled him deeper into me, filling me up. He found my g-spot and rubbed it with his cock, sending me closer to the edge of ecstasy.
CJ was focused on seeing another man’s cock disappear into my cunt.
“Fuck my whore ‘W’”, CJ moaned out as he fucked his face.
I was getting so close to cumming I told ‘W’ I was ready.
He let CJ’s cock drop from his mouth and leaned over to bite my nipples, knowing that would do it for me.
My body began to tremble as he rubbed my g-spot and sucked my tits.
Finally, my entire body shattered over his cock, soaking it to his balls with my juices.
He went back to CJ, who immediately shoved his cock into his face and began to hammer it. A heard that familiar louder moan of CJ’s and watched as he loaded up Mr. W’s mouth with his hot cum. He instantly kissed me and gave me a taste of CJ’s spunk. It’s a familiar taste.
‘W’ is fucking me even harder now, rubbing my snatch with his dick. My fingernails began to dig into his back. I raise my ass up off the floor to meet his thrusts as I feel his balls slap my swollen pussy lips. In no time, he was draining his nuts into me as I had one more shiver of orgasm around his stiffness.
It was no surprise when we all collapsed on the bed, spent and satisfied.
Three has always been one of my lucky numbers.


Lucy Felthouse said...

You are so very rude ;) Ace story Deb. x

Anonymous said...

Rude? Me? Never! LOL
For instance, "please sir, would you mind very much if I sucked off that delicious looking dick? Thank you ever so much"

SM said...

Hot stuff! Very nice story!

MikeCindynJoe said...

We're fond of threes also.

Very hot story... thanks.


Midwestern City Boy said...

This was a great story. And you found a picture to match. I would have almost thought you made it yourself. Did you have the photo first or the story? Both are hot.

Anonymous said...

MCB...always have the story first and in fact, I don't chose a pic, either of myself or out there on the web until it's all done.

sean said...

Fan freakin' tastic.

Don said...

Very, very hot. Haven't enjoyed a story so much in a long time. Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Very, very hot!
I only wish I could have been there.