Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back To "Normal"

The big move is done. CJ and I are now really empty nesters. We moved our daughter 200 miles to the north on Monday. Everything went fairly smoothly and I think that we are all adjusting to a new set of circumstances.

I thought that when I got my privacy back I would just start posting here again and that would be the end of it. To the contrary, something actually happened that was appropriate to talk about here on my blog yesterday morning.
CJ and I woke up in our daughter’s apartment on the air bed that we had brought with us. It’s queen size, so it’s a bit smaller than the king sized bed we are accustomed to. We spooned for a while, something that we haven’t done for a long time and something I had missed. I do enjoy that special way that CJ pushes his cock against my ass cheeks as I hold on to a hand grind against him.
He rolled me over and started playing with my tits, including sucking and biting my nipples. We heard the alarm go off in the other room, but thought nothing of it. It usually took it going off twice to rouse the kid from her bed.
Oh yes, you know what’s coming, and it isn’t me.

We continued our play. I took CJ’s hard cock in my hand and stroked, his meat was so hot. I tugged at his cockhead and told him that I wanted to feel his smooth tight balls so I moved my hand down to massage his warm nuts.
He swiftly positioned himself over me and shoved his cock down my throat. I remember thinking I have to keep my eyes open in case the kid showed up. Usually she goes right to the bathroom.
I closed my eyes.
When I opened them I saw the movement of a darkly clad body backing out of the hallway.
I shoved CJ off me.
At the age of 22, not only did our daughter see us having sex, but mommy was going down on daddy!
Oh my god the embarrassment!
Later that day one her best quotes was “I’m not as wigged out as you are”.
Luckily, we have a very good rapport and a mutual respect that made this a fairly stressless situation. We’re open about sex. I’m sure she probably blogged about it.

Now for a romantic aside.
If we were still married, Monday would have been our 25th anniversary. Yes it was our silver anniversary.
While we were spooning that morning, the day after, CJ said we were celebrating the first day of the next 25 years. Being a romantic slob that really made me smile and filled me up more than any piece of his anatomy ever will.


Midwestern City Boy said...

I think you and your daughter handled it well. Our kids would have been wigged out big time. I know that they are younger but I can't see then taking it in stride even when they are the same age as your daughter.

And now you have your house all to yourselves.

Alfie said...

Happy anniversary!!! It's obvious from your blog why your marriage has been so successful.
I doubt if our daughter has ever caught us *in the act", but she certainly knows we've always been at it like rabbits.

sm said...

GJ and I are dreading the day one of my kids stumbles on us gettin' freaky! LOL Sounded hot up until that point though! ;)

CJ said...
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Bunny said...

OMG!! I can't imagine being "caught" like that. Glad you all handled it so maturely. And the romantic aside? Aaww! I'm a sucker for mush.

CJ said...

Well, uh hum - yes, it was quite embarrasing for me as well, but I wanted to mention one thing: attempting any kind of lovemaking on an air mattress that has pinholes in it from a cat's claws is challenging to say the least.

To say "(s)hoved his cock down my throat" is a bit erronious when you realize you are sinking rapidly downward at a somewhat odd angle.

Laughing it all off, I chuckle as well.
PS: I loved the spooning.

Anonymous said...

glad she was adult about it. And the mushy part was so sweet!

CJ said...

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF - two days in a row, John Stewart on the Daily Show mentions something akin to us in his commentaries:
1) Two days ago it was all about The Big Head..
2) Last night (6/21/07) he comments "what would happen if you saw your parents having sex?"


BTW, Deb and I just about freaked when we heard that comment last night; it was res strange to say the least.

Anonymous said...

We are just waiting for that to happen at our house. Thank God for locks and luck for the time we forget to use them.

Anonymous said...

MCB: I think part of the reason was because both she and I have always been so real with each other.

Alfie: Thanks for the nice wishes, but remember for 17 years of that 25 years we were apart. It's amazing what a messy divorce can do for your marriage! LOL. Luckily the kid was actually the keystone of our reconciliation.

In fact thank you to everyone's good wishes.

I'm actually surprised that I haven't heard more stories of the kids finding you.

Woman with kids said...

Boy 1 once caught his dad and I ...engaged. on a chair. Oops. I thought, no big deal, he's only three. Until he brought it up about a year ago, at age 11. Some things are just burned into the brain.

Anonymous said...

Never mind DD.. as least she knows you love each other...keep posting! I love your blog.. its funny, sexy and intimate.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Your having been "caught" aside, it's good to have you back here!