Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baby Can You Wear Your Man?

I have gotten bored with my workday wardrobe. Right now I can’t afford to buy anything new, it’s not in the budget. Therefore, I asked my fashion advisor (my daughter) for any ideas. She told me most people accessorize when they feel they’re in a clothing rut. That only goes so far in a work environment.

CJ is the one who came to the rescue. Have I ever told you how much I like men’s clothing? Or how much I enjoy the men’s department of a fine store? Perhaps it all ties into that fetish I have of seeing a fully dressed man with his stuff cock escaping his suit.
However, I digress.

Today I went to work in a totally new outfit; light tan pants, a black ribbed tank, and a wonderful washable silk shirt. That silk shirt wasn’t mine. CJ suggested it from his side of the closet. It’s perfect for the summer.
In the past, I have bought men’s shirts to add to my wardrobe, but it’s not the same as wearing your lover’s.
Not only have I gotten several compliments throughout the day, but that silk against my skin constantly reminded me of the sexiest man I’ve had the pleasure to know. No it’s not just the 96-degree weather that’s making me hot today, it’s the feeling of a constant embrace of CJ’s arms.

One of my best friends one time shared a kink along the lines of wearing your man. Her husband wore boxer shorts and sometimes when they made love, she would put them on. He would fuck her through the fly in the shorts. Although I’m not a fan of boxers, when she told me that I thought it would be a great turn on.

So baby, can you, or do you, wear your man?
What do you wear of your mans?
Shirts, shorts, cologne, or something else?
Let me know.


SM said...

GJ enjoys wearing my T-shirts and boxer briefs to bed. She looks SO good in them :)

The Teacher said...

I love wearing The Biker's shirts and his D&G cologne. It makes me feel close to him and, frankly, very very sexy! Mmmmmmmm!

Bunny said...

I also have that fetish of seeing a fully dressed man with his stiff cock escaping the confines of his suit. I also like to watch a man remove his belt and tie, especially slowly and deliberately. Getting kinda hot just thinking about it . . .

Bunny said...

One more thing, I have been known to use my husband's antiperspirant just to smell like him when he's not around. (It's the only scent he wears. Thinks he's too manly for cologne. Arrgghh!)

Midwestern City Boy said...

I once had a girlfriend who was almost exactly my size. If she spent the night, she would just look in the closet and pick out a top to wear the net day. After a while, she had more of my shirts and sweaters than I did.