Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Fantasy Roleplay - Part One

I had recently met and become involved with a man that was about six years younger than me. Our relationship is definetly no strings attached and we have a lot of fun.
Lately I’ve helped him discover the fun of role-play and how it can enhance a couple’s sex life.

One day he came up with an idea he wanted us to try out so I listened, liked it and we ran with it.
Let me tell you what a good time we had.

We had recently moved out of the downtown area and were still setting up our new place, even though it had been several months. My husband had already started his new job in the area so it was up to me to set up house. There was a cute little grocery store nearby that had become my favorite place to get produce so I decided to stop in to stock up one day. I started out with the fruits, doing the simple innocent task of picking out grapes when from behind a voice said:
“I prefer the seedless ones myself”
His hand came from around my side and grabbed a bag of green seedless grapes. He was wearing a polo shirt and Dockers and smiling at me.
I felt like playing so I gave him a provocative answer, “I like them all, there are many different ones depending on your taste or mood”.
The young man extended his hand and introduced himself as Jack.
I told my name was Debbie and just smiled.
Jack told me that he had just moved this past weekend, so we made small talk.
“How do you like it here so far?”, I asked.
“It’s great so far, and this is the best looking produce section I’ve ever seen”, he said boldly.
His boldness continued, but rather than turning me off it had the opposite effect.
He knew that he may be out of line, but he said he needed a tour guide to the area. He was especially interested in cafes and jazz bars.

I saw that his glance moved from my eyes to my hand, and the gold wedding band on my finger.
I pretended not to notice.
I told him that I had to finish my shopping but he could follow me to a great nearby café.
He agreed, but only if I allowed him to buy me lunch. That seemed fair and I think you’ll like he place I told him.
I did the rest of my shopping quickly, getting both red and green grapes, strawberries, peaches, and some cucumbers. I hurriedly moved through the express line and went to the parking lot. I gave brief directions to Jack and told him to follow me.

It’s not a long trip to the café, only about five miles, but during that brief time the wheels in my nympho brain were already turning. I had been alone in the house a lot since my husband started his new job and I hated it. I shouldn’t have to be away from the company of a man for any long period of time. I was looking forward to having some fun with a man and my speedometer proved it; I was already going 10 miles an hour above the speed limit.
Finally I reached our destination, The Daily Grind, it was the middle of the day and there were only a few customers inside. I park and head inside, Jack followed behind. I could feel his eyes running up and down my body.
We got a booth in the corner and started looking over the menu.
“It seems like a nice place Debbie”, Jack says politely.
We ordered our coffee and lunch and when the waitress walked away Jack seems to get serious.
“Can I ask you something?”, he says
“It’s the ring isn’t it?”, I said casually.
Jack laughed nervously and said it was. I explained that I noticed him looking at my hands earlier. I explained that my husband was away a great deal of the time because of business. When he was home I wasn’t exactly the center of his attentions.
“So you understand Jack?”, I asked.
He put his and on my thigh, rubbed it, and said, “Yes Debbie, I do, at least I hope I do”
I knew that he would and I put my hand on top of his and looked directly into his blue eyes.
We sipped at our coffees, and the next thing he said made me tingle.
“To be honest, the moment I saw you in the store I had to have you”, he whispered to me.
I felt myself blush and almost gasped, it was obvious that he knew I needed the comfort of a man.

He unzipped his pants and put my hand on top of his hard cock right there in the booth! He wanted to show me how badly he wanted me.
I did everything in my power not to moan out loud then whispered in his ear, “yummy handsome young cock, we need to leave, soon, I’m creaming my jeans”.
He zipped back up and pulls himself together. He paid the check by throwing a fifty-dollar bill on the table and motioned to me to come with him.
We practically ran out of the café and I start towards my car. Jack says no, opens a door to his truck and tells me to come with him.
I hopped into the truck, my stomach in knots. My emotions were a mixed bag of anticipation, hope, and anxiety about where the next series of events will take me.
Jack got in and asked me where the closest private wooded area was.
“There’s a wooded area on this side of the park, up the road a bit on the right”.

Next, fun in the woods...


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