Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Walls Have Ears - Part Two

Enjoy Part One first

As I lay on the bed, vulnerable, the air from the slow moving ceiling fan gliding across my hardening nipples, I knew that tonight would be very exciting, for everyone involved.

CJ propped my head up on two pillows then kept up his sweet torture. It began with attaching my chained nipple clamps. He licked across my nipples several times then tugged at the chain. I moaned out, not loudly, in sheer delight.
I knew that CJ was enjoying himself; I could see the bulge that proved it. CJ saw me look at him and he rebuked me for it.
“It’s not time yet bitch, you know that”, he said sharply.
I replied with a simple a nod.
He leaned over and kissed me, he’s one of the best kissers I’ve ever known, always so warm. I remember one time I came by just him holding me and kissing me. It is always such a turn on for me. His kisses made my hips move towards him and I gave small tugs at my restraints. I could feel the heat of my pussy rising as I was falling into my pleasure zone.

He lifted up off me and said, “Now it’s time bitch”
He stood and took off his shirt, unzipped his pants and took them off, then grabbed at the elastic of his shorts, pulling them down, His stiff thick cock jumped out at me, my pussy ached more.
He yanked harder this time on my nipple clamps and insisted that I tell him I liked his cock.
Another soft moan escaped before I answered, “Yes sir, yes you have a fine hard cock and I want it”
“Not yet, you know that bitch”, he answered.

I know that first he wanted pictures of me. He went over to his night table and pulled out the video recorder this time, usually its just stills he wants. He put it on the tripod leaning against the wall. His cock was bouncing with his movements, his balls were tight, and fuck I wanted it all.
“Now show the camera that pussy baby”
I lifted up my hips high, straining against the cuffs as he leaned in with the camera. He spread my lips wide and kept filming my damp pink pussy.
When he had enough of me tied up and my wet cunt he put the camera back on the tripod, still running and dove without warning into my pussy. His tongue split my swollen pussy lips and slurped up and down my hot slit.

This time my moans were not soft. This time I screamed out in ecstasy. I squirmed against the cuffs, it drove me wild, not being able to squeeze his head with my thighs, or run my hands through his hair, or dig my ankles into his neck. Yes, sweet torture. I moaned and sighed with each expert lick at my inner lips, with each suck on my hard clit, and with each time his tongue entered me.
Then I heard it, two knocks and the door closing.
CJ nodded and softly said, “I know”.

Mike found the bedroom, probably by following my moans. His eyes popped out when he saw me tied to the bed, but I smiled to let him know that everything was all right.
“We’ll need a photographer tonight Mike, that OK with you?”, CJ said.
Mike seemed to just stammer his answer, “Yes, of course, I just wanted to watch you guys”
“Oh and Mike you look very uncomfortable in those pants all of a sudden”, I said.
He seemed to tear off his clothes in a flash. His cock was handsome and almost at full attention for me.
“We’re all yours buddy”, CJ said to Mike.
Mike told CJ that he wanted to see what he did that made me scream that way I do.
He moved behind the camera and zoomed in on CJ diving down on me again. I squirmed against my restraints as he slurped at my pussy and inserted one finger, then another. His tongue flicked around my clit as he finger fucked me. I moaned out. Mike was filming us, turning me on more, making me feel even sluttier, and his hand moved to his balls. Mike started playing with himself as CJ brought me to the edge and then pulled back, teasing me, continuing his torture.
I think that Mike was aching as much as I was by now, I could see his precum glistening and my pussy felt like it was soaking.

“Now how about I really make her scream, that sound good to you Mike?”, CJ asked.
“Damn straight”, Mike answered.
CJ climbed onto the bed and put a pillow under my ass, this made me strain against the cuffs, but gave a better entrance for him. Mike changed the position of the camera to get a better shot. CJ told him to just let it run and to come over to the side and watch us.
“This is what I wanted to see”, Mike said as he eagerly took his place beside the bed.


Mike said...

I'm really enjoying myself now...

The Teacher said...

I would love to have a professional photographer take pictures of us like that. Sexy fantasy!

Midwestern City Boy said...

I'm with the teacher. We'd love to have a photographer do. Would you do a photographer in real life and if so, what sex?

sugarrush said...

I love this, it's fantastic. Is there more to this story? i hope so. It's very hot!


Anonymous said...

Actually the whole idea of photographer/model is one of my favorite role-play fantasies.

I wouldn't care which sex the photographer, just as long as they knew how to have some good adult fun!

Anonymous said...

I did much the same ....honestly I am not making this up!

Desire X said...