Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Walls Have Ears - Finale

Be sure to enjoy Part Two before the finale.

My pussy had been tortured almost beyond it’s limits by now. I was aching in different ways all over. My arms and legs ached from being stretched, my pussy ached from the teasing and attention, and even my nipples were aching from being so erect.

CJ knew I was perfectly ready for him. He got on the bed and ran his cockhead up and down my wet, hot slit. I moaned out and Mike started stroking his cock, it seemed as though his loved the sound of moans and sighs. CJ slapped my swollen clit with his cockhead and it made me start to beg for it.
“Fuck me, stop teasing and just fuck me!”, I moaned out
The next feeling was that of fleshy hot steel parting my soft pussy lips. I screamed out this time as CJ thrust deep and hard into my cunt. My tight wetness hugged him and easily fell into the pace he created for us.
But remember we weren’t the only ones in the room. Mike was as close to the bed as he could get and was tugging faster on his dick. I watched Mike as I was fucked and he really enjoyed it, but wanted more from me, “Moan bitch, and let him know you love that cock”.

That wasn’t hard for me, and I aim to please.
“Fuck I need that cock”, I moaned out to CJ.
He bent over and sucked my tits without missing a beat. I was writhing against my bonds now and both CJ and Mike were picking up the pace.
I was close to the edge and moaned out that I wanted to cum.
“Bathe those balls baby, you know I love to make you cum”, CJ said breathlessly in between thrusts.
He slowed down, pulled halfway out of me and started playing with my clit. I moaned more as he played with that special spot and stirred my pussy.
“You damn slut”, Mike yelled at me as he massaged his balls. I could see his leaking and throbbing cock; he needed to cum as badly as I did.
CJ kept playing and smiling at me then slammed into me at just the right time. I moaned out in ecstasy, that was it. I came all over the fucker’s nuts.
Mike stroked and stroked harder.
CJ told him to drain his balls on my face.

I kept my face turned towards Mike as CJ kept pounding me. He was definitely enjoying my cunt and was about to shoot his hot goo into it.
Mike was stroking so fast it was making me hotter, if that was possible. There is something about the sound of a guy beating his meat that I find an extreme turn on.
I bucked against CJ’s thick cock and moaned out as he hit my g-spot again and I was cumming for a second time. Just as I opened my mouth Mike unloaded on me. He hit my tongue and lips with marksman like ability, and then sprayed the rest of my face.
I turned back towards CJ and licked my lips, eating Mike’s cum. Well that must have done it for CJ, he groaned and plunged one last time into me and exploded. His nuts drained into my hot pussy.

CJ pulled out of me and I went limp against my bonds.
“I hope this all you expected Mike”, I said as he was pulling up his pants.
“Oh yes and more, it was amazing to finally see the two of you in action”, he answered.
“You’re welcome anytime, maybe even join in if you want”, CJ said.
“That would be an honor”, Mike replied.
Mike quietly showed himself out as CJ began to untie me. Once untied I sat up and licked at his cock to clean him up.
As I sucked his balls clean, he started to get hard again.
But, as always, that’s another story.


Alfie said...

Wow, what a post! And that photo - that's what I call timing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love what you did with the story. Pictures was nice too. Now for my shower and to clean up the goo...

The Teacher said...

“Fuck I need that cock”, I moaned...

How many times have we said that? ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I loved the line, "bathe those balls, baby". That was great - nice alliteration. :)

Midwestern City Boy said...

Great part three. I am sorry to see this series end.

sugarrush said...

very hot! I've just got out of bed, so this will keep me happy all day now!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Speechless -photo and words -tops!!

MikeCindynJoe said...

Damn, that was hot!

I'm summoning my wife and roommates upstairs post haste.