Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Walls Have Ears - Part One

A note, thanks to Mike for giving me an idea that I ran with, making this story possible.

Sometimes the written word can’t truly express some things that go on in the bedroom. One thing that isn’t usually expressed here is the fact that I’m a screamer. Most of the time it’s as though the waves I feel exploding through out my pussy move their way upward, fill my lungs, and move out of my mouth in glorious loud moans. They leave any man I’m with no question that I have been fully satisfied.

Naturally, this can cause embarrassment if not contained when necessary. Examples include when you’re staying at your mother’s home, or have a roommate, or as CJ and I have experienced, live in a condo. We love the place we moved into last fall, it’s out of the city, is more family friendly, there is more green around us, but there are still 11 other units in our area.

So I really sing out when I have sex, so what. My version of a love song is even more intense when it has been a week or so since my last encounter with CJ. One of these love-making encounters just happened the other evening and I think I’ve begun to worry CJ.
The next day when I got home from work CJ told me that he was starting to think about what the neighbors must think of us. I suppose at times it must sound as though I’m being tortured, but my torture is sweet and enjoyed like nothing else. He continued to let me know that he asked the neighbor next to us, Mike, if he had heard us.
I immediately got offended that he would do such a thing, but that quickly wore off and I became fascinated.
“So what did he say?”
To quote Mike, “Duh! Yes I had”, CJ answered
CJ wondered if I shouldn’t tone things down as long as we’re living in a condo unit.
I said, hell no. I don’t change myself for that.
“Plus I bet he’s loving it”, I said teasingly.

We continued expressing our love to each other in the bedroom with no restraints. We kept seeing Mike on the stairs or in the hallway every so often and I always smiled knowingly at him.
Finally, one evening when I was feeling especially frisky I stopped him in the hallway and told him that I knew CJ and asked him about my moans of pleasure.
He broke down at admitted to me that he had been waiting for me to say something to him. He had been listening for weeks and it had been turning him on for just as long. He felt as though something had been awakened that he had never known existed. I knew what that something was; he was a voyeur and had never indulged his fantasies before.
Once finding out there was a man nearby that was turned on, I had to help. I thought for a moment and came up with a plan. I told him that the next time he heard my moans to come over to our place, knock twice and let himself in with the key I gave him.

Our next love-making evening came only a few days later and it was especially ‘interesting’. CJ played with me like a toy, in one of my favorite ways.
We finished a bottle of wine after dinner and CJ over took me. He insisted that I go to the bedroom and strip naked. I explained to him that I wasn’t quite ready this evening, I hadn’t shaved for a couple of days. He kindly offered to do it for me, in time.
Then he whispered the ‘cue word’ to me. CJ and I have cue words that let one or the other know that they wanted to play one of our set scenarios. The word he spoke to me was “bitch”. This was one of my favorite cues. I smiled said “I love you”, and continued with what I had to do.
I stripped down, while CJ was telling me that I wasn’t moving fast enough. I quickened my pace and moved to the bed, lying on my back. By now, CJ had gotten my special electric razor. He gave me a few small kisses between my navel and my landing patch, and then started his trim job. He deftly moved around my pussy lips and trimmed up my patch. I was smooth and more sensitive as ever.
“Assume the position bitch”, CJ commanded.
I moved to the middle of the bed and CJ walked around it, at each corner he pulled out the under bed restraints that were always there. Each corner had a cuff attached to a connector strap underneath.
He tied me down to the bed, spread eagle and began his torture.
I knew tonight would be full of moans and I knew what that meant.
The moans continue next time...


SM said...

MMMM - Its getting warm in here! ;)

George said...

This promises to be really hot.

Midwestern City Boy said...

People have lived in close proximity to each other since the beginning of time so nothing coming through the walls should surprise anyone. But, I do wonder what Mike thinks now after your most recent encounter.

Does he live alone or does he have a wife/girlfriend? And if she ever spends the night, I wonder what she thinks.

Anonymous said...

Yes george and I always keep my promises ;)

and MCB I do like the way you think

Stay tuned folks...

Mike said...

I've got me ear to the wall now...