Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Fantasy Roleplay - Part Two

Enjoy the beginning here first.

Jack started to speed in the direction I described then commanded me to get in the back and get naked.
I climbed over the seats and stripped down to my bra and panties. Then I moved back to the front and sat down next to Jack as I took off the rest of my clothing.
I leaned over and bit his ear then whispered, “I’m wet Jack, I’m soaking for you already”.
My hand moved up his inner thigh to his crotch. His cock twitched under my hand this time.
Just then we entered the park and Jack tucked the truck away out of sight from the road.
I spread my legs as I sat in my place letting Jack’s gentle finger brush against my clit. It was so swollen already I was aching for the touch of a man. I automatically started playing with my tits as he tickled my clit.
He stopped playing with me to get out of the truck, instructing me to stay where I was. He seemed to disappear for a brief time, but to my surprise when he came to open my door, he was as naked as I was.
He opened the door, swung my right leg out, and pulled me towards him.
His cock was already at attention for me, and being outside made it feel so right and wrong at the same time. I lost all inhibition and said, “Make me bad Jack”.
He leaned in and began passionately kissing my lips, my neck, and my tits.
It was one of the most exciting times I had ever been with a man. I had met him about an hour ago and now I was naked with him in the woods. Not to mention that this man was almost twenty years younger than I was.

He pulled me even closer putting his arms around the small of my back then bent down to suck at my nipples, going from tit to tit with his mouth. I was enjoying his sucking so much I moan out and push his face into my massive tits. My god he was making me feel so good. I scratched at his shoulders as he continued and leaned my head back as I enjoyed his mouth and the cool breeze over my skin.
His cock poked at my thigh, I could feel his precum against my soft skin.
I reached down and began stroking his cock, lubing it up with his dripping precum, tugging at his spongy cockhead.
My cock play seemed to drive him forward and he started biting my nipples, grabbed a fist full of my hair, yanked my head backwards, and slid two fingers into my wet pussy.
I moaned out again and squeezed his hot shaft as my pussy clamped onto his fingers and I began to rock against his fingers. This time it was his turn to moan out, he moved his mouth to my neck, sucked at it and pulled my hair harder.
By now I was sensitive all over, not just my clit or nipples, but my neck, the skin on my thighs, everywhere.
I pulled myself closer and started jerking him again. He was so hot and hard in my hand.
He pulled me totally out of the truck and pulled me to him, we started kissing wildly, mouths open, tongues flailing at one another. Our bodies pressed against each other and I could feel his warm damp skin all over my body.
He breaks the kiss after several moments and turned me around. I bent over against the truck and braced myself on the seat. I present my aching shaved pussy to Jack. My pussy lips are swollen and now I’m even wet on my inner thighs.
“Debbie, think you can handle some young cock?”, Jack barked at me.
“Yes, yes Jack, fuck me with it”, I answered.
He came up behind me and ran his cockhead up and down my hot slit. After a few teases he guided his cockhead into my slippery hole, grabbed my hips, and gently thrust toward me.
I moaned out in the woods, it was wonderful as my warm velvety pussy hugged and loved his cock. I pushed back towards him to meet his first thrust and screamed, “Fuck me”
He leaned over and whispered to me to take his throbbing young cock. I was so tight and wet that his cock easily glided into me and he began to fuck me in long, hard, slow strokes. His thick throbbing cock stretched my pussy and I moaned out with each thrust. I was savoring every inch of his dick.
My hard nipples grazed against the seat of the truck.
His hips slapped against my ass as his strokes came became faster and longer. He gripped my hips strongly as his moans and groans of pleasure became more audible.
“Take my tight cunt”, I cry out as I reached underneath and tugged his balls as they slapped against my swollen clit.
He began to spank my ass cheeks as he told me what a fucking dirty whore I was. That just made me hotter, as he reddened my bad whore ass I fucked him back just as hard.
Then he breathlessly asked, “What kind of dirty whore meets a guy at the store that is almost twenty years younger than her and lets him drive her married ass to the woods to fuck!?”
It was so hot the way he talking to me it just made me want him more, so I answered him with, “A horney whore that likes young hard cock and wants to fuck it, and eat it, and make it cum”
He spanked me harder when I answered and demanded I tell him whom I belong to.
I bucked right up against him and was moaning and begging to be fucked harder to cum on his cock.
I didn’t answer him immediately so he pulled on my hair, pounded me harder, and repeated his request, “Tell me who fucking owns your whore ass!?”
“You do, it’s all yours because of that fine cock”, I answered.
By now the truck is shaking from our fucking.
I was on the edge and I let him know it.
“Ah yes Debbie, you dirty bitch, I love fucking you.”
He slammed deep into me and stirred my pussy with his hard cock. My hot snatch clamped down on his meat as waves of orgasm move down my pussy and over his cock. I came all over his cock and drenched his balls, I knew I would, I had been aching for it for too long.
My body kept shivering and bucking as I moaned and came.

Then he pulled out of me, easing his cock from the clamps of my cunt. He kicked away leaves and twigs and told me lie down on the ground.
I lie down, feeling like a goddess, a nature’s daughter on the earth, as I spread my legs, bent my knees, and showed off my pink wet pussy to Jack. Beautiful folds of a freshly fucked pussy lips draped my hole. My red swollen cit poking through, my pussy still wanted more.
Jack lay on top of me and darted his cock back inside my steaming snatch. He pounded me even harder with deep fast strokes. I tilted my hips up against him; I was taking him so deep.
He grabbed my left hand and pulled off my wedding ring then held it in front of my face asking if I could see it. I nodded, then he threw it into the distance as he told me, “To hell with him, you belong to me now”
I swear I got even more wet when he said that, thinking of being his whore bitch.
I wrapped my legs around his back, dug my heels in and let myself go, letting Jack fuck me into oblivion.
He leaned forward, he was panting and I could feel his hot breath as he kissed my neck.
He grunted, “Your tight twat is going to make me cum babe”.
I swear it felt as though his hot cock was getting thicker and he stretched my pussy more. He lightly grabbed onto my throat and fucked me harder, if that was possible.
“Beg me to cum deep inside you whore”, he commanded.
I rocked and twisted my hips as I begged for his man milk.
“Tell me who you love”, he panted.
“I love the man that can fuck me right and that’s you”, I said breathlessly.
That was the moment; he drove his cock deep inside and groaned out, and planted his seed deep inside my cunt as I started to cum again. We exploded together in the woods, it was wonderful.
He stayed inside me as we held onto each other. Then we pulled apart from each other and got dressed.
We hopped in the truck with new found energy. We left the park and headed back to the café so I could get my car.
We discussed how exciting the role-play was and what a turn on it was for the both of us. I was so glad that he liked it, I wasn’t sure he would since it was our first time, but it was fine.

When we got to the parking lot I discretely kissed him on the cheek and got into my car. Jack beeped his horn as he drove away. I sat there for a moment in the car before going home wondering to myself….
How do explain how I lost my wedding ring to my husband?


sm said...

Damn that was HOT!!!

George said...

I read this with my own hard on, remember times that I have fucked outdoors. Fucking great times ... maybe this weekend again?

Alfie said...

That had an effect on me which Emma will benefit from later as I remember your words. Thank you so much.

Midwestern City Boy said...

All I can say is wow. And, I'm going to think of this story the next time someone mentions that they lost their wedding ring.

The Fury said...

you are in a lot of trouble. keep your rins close by next time you're gonna get fucked well by a horny young man