Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CBW #56 - But I Need More !

I held off on posting this fine specimen as long as I could, but it was submitted over a month ago and I couldn't hold back any longer.
Chuck did a superior job because of how well he understood my fetish. I could easily take a long slurp from those tight balls to the tip.
My problem guys is that this the last submission I recieved.
I know I can find examples out there on the web, but I really enjoy seeing my readers at their best.
Read below for what I'd like to see. If it sound good to you, email me (it's on my profile page) and show yourself off.
Show Dirty Debbie what you've got.
I don't care about size or whether you're shaved, or anything other physical feature.
What makes me wet is the site of a cock popping out of the confines of pants or shorts and ready for fun. Chuck's picture is a perfect example, but you can be creative.
I look forward to staring down your one-eyed monster....yummy!

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