Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bad Tooth and Bad Karma?

I haven't been posting lately because I have been in some real pain.
I had a toothache for about 4 days, then the pain finally kept me up on night so I called the dentist. It was extracted on Tuesday. By Thursday I had a temperature of 101.1 and returned to the dentist. I'm now on antibiotics.

Here's the kicker. When the tooth was pulled I was given 14 Vicodins for the pain. I used them spareingly because they hit me hard that first day. I had the bottle on my desk at work on Friday and somebody (probably a patient, considering our clientele) stole the bottle. Not good. Not good for me and not good for the probable addict I gave access to them. I feel awful. I'm sure my boss isn't happy. To add to all this I'm in pain again. Arrghh!

To say the least it's put a bit of a damper on my mood and writing skills.
I should be fine in a few days and back in rare form.


The Teacher said...

Sending good vibes to you. Hope you feel better soon.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Sorry that you are not feeling well. Infections and inflammations always suck. And it's always no fun having someone steal something from you. I hope that you feel better soon.

woody said...

Hard to be hot when it hurts. Sorry Baby.


Anonymous said...

Please come over to our virtual orgy, we would love to get acquainted with you a little.

Homme, Femme and Siobhan. xx

Vittal said...

Sorry to hear that...I know how bad tooth can be!! :) Hope you are feeling better!