Sunday, February 5, 2012

Invisible Submissive - A Reader's Guest Poem

I am not a poet, so I enjoy this guest post as something new I can add to my blog.  This is from a regular client in my Viva Ponata game.

Longing for you
Loving you from afar
Feeling you deep inside of Me
Needing that touch
So close but yet so far
Fingertips stretched out for My one
On fire
Stripping your walls
Crumbling will given
Once was is now what’s meant to be
Pierced soul
Embraced with love
Bonds so tightly woven
Two minds competing for control
One lost
One won
Taking what’s Mine
Molding her with desire
Her resistance completely given
My love
One thought

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I look forward to being the one reading your stories and poems.

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