Thursday, March 20, 2008

Commentary on the Comments

Wow! The entry below caused a lot of commentary. If you look at any blog directory I'm listed with or at my source code you'll see the following as my blog's description:

Some of the random dirty little thoughts that may run through my head on any given day. Fantasy, reality, current events, let's talk dirty. Remember the brain is the largest sex organ.

I thought it best to write a whole other entry just to answer some of the comments I have gotten over the past 24 hours. I want to speak to every one who took the time to express their own opinions. I love a good debate and discussion.

So in no particular order, my responses to my readers:

1. Alfie: I'm glad that my case was made and as always "you're welcome".

2.MikeCindyJoe: I'm so glad that you commented and made clear that things aren't different in your shared lifestyle. I especially like the point you made of the sexual definitions being secondary. Best of all was the way you put the 'moral of the story' :
"There are no excuses in life, so don't try to make any, OR invent a lame reason to do so."

3. Dan: Thank you for your kind words and wishes. I'm loving my life and it's many aspects. As for the parts of the story not included, I think a lot it would come off as trite and/or forced compared to what I have already written. CJ's thoughts, that may be tough, he can be the epitome of still waters running deep, a typical Capricorn. Luckily for him I am a patient woman, so we shall see. So far I have heard 100% more from my readers than him (at least at the time of this writing).

4. MCB: You bring a different look at the entire events leading up to my posting. I agree that these things can get complicated and you mention choices as did I. Your insight into Spitzer is inspiring and I agree with it. It shows not only disrespect for his wife though, but for the woman he bought.

5. Finally the infamous 'Anonymous': Please understand that I am not struggling to be faithful. It is not my desire to do anything differently as you seem to imply. As I said, it is my desire to make love with my husband, not have more orgasms. You describe yourself as a dog. You can either give up and stay that way or move on and above it. Remember if you decide to stay a dog don't aspire to greater things, a better job or salary, a better place to live, to discover true love, etc. It's your choice, do you really want to be a lone dog in a doghouse? I agree with you about it being part of a successful relationship, but I don't believe it's "pretty easy to fail". Some of your fellow commenters speak to that.

I'm sure more comments will come in and more than likely I'll answer those in the comment section.
Now I think I'd like to turn my writing from current events and opinion back to erotica.

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MikeCindynJoe said...

Gosh... I get very few comments about my OWN blog, let alone comments on my comments on someone else's blog.

Darlin', I'll just say that it's easy to read your missives because it's obvious that you're well-grounded, have a 3-digit IQ and possess the skilled ability to communicate both.

I will again state that I strongly agree with and support your observations AND reapply my moral of the story, "There are no excuses in life..."

To wit, regarding the initial Spitzer-story that prompted your post in the first place... it seems that the poor fellow has entered therapy for treatment of "a helpless, sexual addiction". Nice spin. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

With support by the likes of the Today Show , he claims he "couldn't help it", and typical of his ilk, he is now somehow a "victim" and not responsible for his actions.

Wanna bet, that in two years, he's running for office again, a'la Marion Berry, as being "cured", and "after having the courage to recognize and defeat his demons" and "after all he's been through", is somehow even more deserving of our support and better prepared to hold public office?

Anyway, this is just to let you know, I check in regularly, both to be titillated and be educated... you do both very well.