Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CBW #94 DD Blog Lover

Ooop!! Sorry folks, this one is little late today.
I meant to have a story ready too, but I've been knocked out by a bad cold.
This handsome cock is from Chris. He's been reading the blog "for some time now" and loves it.
Thanks for showing your love in that special way and keep enjoying.

BTW: it seems as though we have a reader that is posting in all my Comment Boxes for the CBW's as "I disgree". Don't worry guys. I very much agree with all the wonderful CBW submissions I've gotten and I appreciate them.

There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature. Just click on the button on the sidebar that looks like this:


Scorpio said...

What a gorgeous CBW ... THANK YOU CHRIS!!!

CourtneyRyan369 said...

that certainly tickled my clit!

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you. That cock is just made for sitting

sparklyunicorn said...

hey! thats me!!!! thank you so very much! i am blushing and flattered.