Monday, October 13, 2008

Debbie Does You #2 - For Matt

This time it was Matt that sent along his fantasy. it took me a little while to get to him, but I hope it's worth it. It was easy because it's one of my favorite subjects, the great fun of having two men. Also known as a Debbie sandwich.
His email was precise, but just the first line made it able for me to fly:
I re-read a 3some post and hoped to offer this inspiration.

Hold on Matt, here we go...

It had been a long, lonely weekend so far. I’m dangerous when I feel lonely and neglected.
CJ got home early from work and I suggested that we go out to one of our favorite small, dark bars for margaritas and some fun groping. He just needed a little down time after coming home, and then he was happy to go out with me. After only a couple of drinks, I was playing with CJ and allowing him to play with me. I wanted to tease another man at the same and was dressed to do just that. A plunging neckline, short skirt, and black stockings were all I needed to be as provocative as I needed. The feeling of the palms of CJ’s hands running up my stockings made my drinks taste even better.

Knowing my insatiable appetite CJ didn’t seem to mind when I began to give a younger man at the bar the once over. Eventually I winked at CJ, picked up my drink and walked over to the bar. I sat down next to the young man that was alone. I smiled and spoke softly, being turned on knowing that my husband was watching me. I learned that my new friend’s name was Matt. I introduced myself and showed him where CJ was sitting. They raised their drinks to each other then we got back to speaking. Matt was a bit quiet and somewhat shy to start. When I mentioned how much I enjoyed the company of men I think he actually blushed! He coughed and took a big sip from his drink. I smiled at him and tried to make him feel more at ease. I wanted to make it clear that I wanted him to play with us.

The innuendos started and we had fun playing the game men and women play. Once Matt seemed a bit looser because of the alcohol, I invited him over to our table. He agreed to join us. Now it’s CJ’s turn to make friends. After what I consider a brief amount of time he becomes much more bold in his questions.
“What do you think of my wife”, CJ asks Matt.

He seems a bit taken aback by it and shrugs his shoulders, becoming shy again. By now we were all feeling good. CJ put his hand on Matt's shoulder, leaned in and said,
“You want to watch me fuck her?”
He continued, almost offended,
“She’s mine and I’m the one that gives her the cock she needs.”
Those comments and that question seemed to be what got everything rolling. Both the men began to leer at me. Matt all of a sudden seemed to start confessing some of his more interesting preferences in regards to the bedroom. Matt spoke of how he has fantasized about being the second man in a threesome. He loved to watch so he wanted to join us, take some pictures, and if you’ll excuse the pun, see what develops. I was excited already. This was all a bit different from our usual encounters. My pussy was responding by starting to get damp and I wanted to explore these men in my bed.

We paid our tab and left the bar. Matt followed us on the brief drive to our home. We were there in about 15 minutes and we gladly invited him in. Another drink was in order. CJ poured them as I looked for our camera. I brought it to him and asked if he knew how to use it. He practically grabbed it from me and I noticed the bulge that was growing in his pants.

I sat next to CJ on the couch, looking into his eyes in anticipation. I could feel an electric excitement between us. He pulled me close to kiss him deeply. As he did, he pulled up my short skirt up over my ass checks. The black pantyhose were crotchless and exposed my rounded ass. As soon as I began to kiss CJ I heard the click of a camera and saw a flash. It helped me begin to fall into my part.
As the camera heightened my excitement, I kissed CJ more deeply. I wanted to be in a more comfortable place, like my luxurious bed. CJ sensed this. He pulled off my skirt and my blouse and spun me towards Matt. Again, more snapshots were taken. Matt wasn’t saying a word; he was just taking in the view and taking advantage of having a camera in his hand.

Finally, Matt started to tell me how to pose. He wanted me to hold my tits up and squeeze them as he continued with his picture taking. All three of us moved to the bedroom, turned on the lights and got comfortable.
“Keep those stockings on her”, he asked CJ.
We did as Matt asked, after all this was his show. CJ seemed to tear into me right away, biting at my neck and nibbling my tits and hardening nipples. Matt was beginning to strip as he watched this. I turned my head and smiled at him as he did. I kept watching Matt. It was wonderful, as CJ started to suck on my tits Matt’s cock sprung from his pants. Matt snapped a pic as CJ moved down to my trimmed pussy. Once he did that Matt couldn’t hold back and started to stroke his cock slowly. I could see that his cockhead was already glistening.
I spread the lips that were slightly hiding my clit and begged CJ to lick me. Matt took another picture and I was turned on even more. I loved the feeling of being a porn star and somehow Matt was helping me play the part very well.

I moaned out as CJ’s tongue hit my sensitive clit and I turned my head to watch Matt quicken his strokes. There were even slight moans escaping from him. I felt my pussy seem to swell from CJ’s tongue and I could feel my own wetness being forced from my cunt.
CJ picked up my head and threw the top half of my body over the edge of the bed. As he did I could see his hard cock bulging from his body. His sac was tight. It was a handsome sight. Matt was actually managing to keep his hand on his dick and the other on the shutter release. I turned my head back to CJ just as he was splitting my cunt and jamming his cock inside my soaking pussy. He stuffed me as he cried out a fantastic “Fuck!”. As he did I told Matt to get one more shot of me being fucked and to join us on the bed.
He did as I instructed. He lay right next to me. I told him that I would let him rest for a bit. I licked the palm of my right hand and grasped his firm thick cock. He was rock hard and hot and I began stroking immediately. Matt got into my hand job right away and was practically fucking my hand as he watched CJ fuck my pussy. His left hand moved to my tit and he pulled on my nipple as I stroked faster and CJ fucked me to the same rhythm.

The three of us were making a beautiful hot ring of fucking. I could feel Matt’s precum dripping onto my hand and I could tell CJ was getting close. I lifted my hips up and CJ drove deep inside, knowing I was about to cum, and he was right. My cunt clamped down on his dick as the waves of orgasm worked their way down my hot pussy. As this happened I stroked and pulled on Matt’s cockhead faster, and faster as he moaned out. CJ pulled out of me as he was ready to cum and sprayed my abdomen with his hot goo. Once Matt saw that he wasn’t far behind and he came all over my hand.
There were still some last photos to capture. Matt grabbed the camera as I ate his cum off my hand. Then he got some close ups of my jizz sprayed stomach.
I was high on men and sex and laughed as I said, “Wow, cum inside and outside of me”.

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