Friday, January 20, 2012

Debbie Does The Streets #1 - Bar None

Since the nights, and the days, are getting colder now I sometimes hang out at the local dive rather than at my usual spot at the end of the alley. The other evening I was sitting there nursing a glass of Coke when I heard a voice behind me saying, “Hello Miss Slutty”

It was one of my regulars so I turned around when I heard his voice. He whispered in my ear then grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the bathroom. It’s not my favorite place to service my Johns, but it’s not my choice, something my pimp points out to me on a regular basis. He closed the door behind us and fumbled for the light. Assuring him that I could service him just fine here, he replied with an attitude of ‘let’s see’.

I had a new pair of fishnet stockings on and he requested me to show them off for him. Turning around slowly in the small space seemed awkward but it was his dime. Once I was facing him again, I lifted up my short skirt. I thought it best he knows that I didn’t have any panties on, only the garter belt holding up my stockings.

“That’s fucking amazing!”

In no time I was slammed up against the door with a loud bang. He slid his hands down the back of my legs and dove nose deep into my ass. Next, I felt his tongue swirling and flicking around my pussy lips. This isn’t a very common thing that I experience, especially with this guy, but I wasn’t going to say no to him. Not that he had to, but he felt the need to explain to me why is was tongue fucking my ass and fingering my pussy. It was that he wanted to get me good and ready for a hard fucking.
Next, I heard cheering from the other side of the door, even though I knew it was the football game it felt sort of good to hear it.

“Hey like that my slut?”
How else could I answer but in the positive? This was the best treatment I had in months. I was soaking wet now so I asked how he wanted to be serviced. He wanted something a bit different this time, telling me as he pulls his cock from his pants, to feel my tits on his cock. So, I pulled up my sweater and hiked my tits up and over my new red lace bra. I like how my tits feel when they stick out like that. My nipples were as hard as his cock by now and he rubbed the tip of his leaking cock across them. Momentarily he slipped into the crevice between my tits, but I knew in the confined area it just wouldn’t work well for me to have him fuck them.

“So let’s get down to it, what do you like to do to whores in bathrooms?”

He wanted to fuck me up the ass because it would be so dirty. Even though he was rock hard, the best way to get in shoved up my tight hole, I lubed him up by quickly licking and drooling on his cock first. Even though I wasn’t really sucking him off I was still making those tasty slurping sounds I always do when I savor a man. However, I thought I heard something else.
I soon let his cock drop from my mouth and asked,
“Do you think the guy that just came in can hear me slurping on your cock?”

Too involved with me licking his dick, he hadn’t even heard anything else.
“What guy baby?”

Maybe John thought I was paranoid, but I explained that I thought I heard someone come in. I tried to pass it off as just someone that had been too drunk to notice. Well, it made him just as curious as I was. The door to the stall wasn’t closed all the way, if it were I wouldn’t have been able to perform all the requested services. John looked out and I was vindicated, the drunk was walking out the door and he left it half open so the people at the bar had a fairly clear shot of the two of us.

He was quick to point out that he knew they were all thinking, ‘lucky bastard’. He groaned as I lapped and drooled on his cock just a bit more and slapped my tits hard with both hands. “So you ready to take my ass hon?  I have to get back out on the streets or my pimp is going to be disappointed in me. That’s not a good thing.”, I said wanting to take my money and get on with my evening.

It was then that he told me that when he looked over my shoulder and out at the bar there were guys rubbing their cocks.
“Here’s an extra $100, now I’m going to fuck you on the bar”, he said as he dragged me out of the bathroom and pushed me into the gang that had gathered there.
“In fact I’ll give you another $100 if we find another girl to join us”, he added.

I’d done stud parties before so this wasn’t new to me. I figured I’d get some extra money and it was warmer in here than the street. Not to mention the bar smelled better than the bathroom and was cleaner, so I didn’t fight it, not that I really could if I wanted to.
I fell into a seat at the bar, my tits bouncing and my skirt hiked all the way up, I asked, “What does a whore have to do around here to get a drink?”

Before the stunned bartender could say anything, John answered by pouring a bottle of vodka on my face, saying, “I’ll show you”.

He bent me over the bar and without any warning drove his cock up my ass. The crowd cheered as they watched me wince and John pound my ass. The bartender ran to lock the door as guys started to pull their cocks from their pants. John did a final few deep strokes, pulled out of me and came all over my ass cheeks.

No need to go into all the details, but as I’m sure you can imagine, the next 90 minutes involved me getting used up faster and harder than I had been in a long time. Money started being slapped down on the bar as I was given drinks and alcohol or cum or both were poured over any part of body that could be reached. I was forced on my knees to suck off guys, at one point 5 in a row. I had swallowed so much cum that I was actually getting queasy. Other than that I was basically fucked while I was bent over, either up the ass or doggy. One guy insisted on shoving a beer bottle up my ass while he fucked my pussy. What really surprised me was the one of the few women that joined in the crowd. She used ice tongs on my nipples as she ate cum out of my pussy.

After what seemed an eternity the bar mostly cleared out, I picked up the twenty and fifty-dollar bills from the bar, straightened myself out and left. I went straight to my apartment. After counting the money, along with my initial charge of $200 for John, I had another $1720. I figured I was covered for the night and went into to soak in a warm tub.

Tomorrow is another day.


Anonymous said...

don't know where u get the spunk deb, but i sure admire you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Woody, nice to see you're still reading my blog and I'm glad that you're still enjoying it.

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