Sunday, March 4, 2012

Debbie Does You #12 - Get To Work

Another one of my ‘clients’ from Viva Ponata has asked me to do a DDU.
So, go ahead and do Debbie, TM

I’m a good secretary and I’m proud of it, but I don’t like it when a company shakes up the staff.  The boss I had been assisting for the past 6 years was asked to retire early and I had to break in a new boss this week.
Monday came and I got to the office early.  Seems as though the new boss thought it would be a good idea to get there early too.  When I got there, he was unpacking his stuff and making the office his own.  I thought it best to be proactive and introduce myself.  When I walked into the office, his back was to me.  It already looked like a man’s office, personal effects made of dark woods and brass, like the pen set on his desk.  Not to mention the paintings of Winslow.  He was putting some business journals into the built in library case.

“Hello, Mr. Johnson?”
He turned around quickly, “Yes?”
“I’m Debbie, your executive secretary.  I’m sorry if I startled you.”

He gave me the once over, of course his eyes pausing a bit more on my tits, then back up to my eyes and smiled kindly.  I admit I did dress as a stereotypical secretary today.  I thought I’d play it safe at first.  A blue skirt, just above the knees, plain white ruffled button down blouse, matching heels, only a small amount of makeup and jewelry.  It was somewhat plain and I like to feel pretty, so I made up for it underneath, deciding to wear stockings and garters rather than pantie hose along with a black satin bra and pantie set.
Mr. Johnson was a bit older than my last boss.  He was starting to gray, but had a young attitude, and was still in great shape.  He already seemed a bit kinder; I could tell just by the way he smiled.  He seemed to be dressed more formally than I’m used to seeing, a pin striped suit, white starched shirt, blue tie, and cuff links.  I do like a man that looks like a man and something about a fresh pressed suit does that.  Sometimes I like that dominance attitude.

“What the first order of business?”, I asked

He told me that he thought it best to get together his calendar and go over it.  I went into my outer office and started on that project.  There were a lot of meet and greets for him this week.  I had taken the liberty of setting up a meeting with the rest of our department and orientation in the HR department.  I had everything he needed in about half an hour and went back to his office.  His desk had been neatened and he was sitting behind it, looking over my resume.  He motioned to me to sit down.

“Seems you have a lot of experience for a young woman”, he said dryly.
Expectations followed, “I demand a certain level of professionalism in the office, is there a problem with that?”

I told him that I prided myself on my office skills and that I was well suited for an executive office.  I assured him I was always eager to learn about my boss so I could assist him the best I could.
Mr. Johnson nodded and went back to my resume.
“I have one question, you listed three associations for secretaries and assistants you belong to.  Are there any others?”

It seemed like a strange question, mostly because there was one more, but there was no way he could know that.
“No, I don’t think so”

He didn’t seem to believe me, or want to believe me, I couldn’t tell.  I shifted nervously in the chair as he asked again.
“Really?  Most of my secretaries do belong to another one, in fact, I insist on it”, this time he was looking straight at the gap in my blouse where it stretched over my tits.

I blushed, glanced down and admitted there was another ‘club’ I belonged to, it just seemed to escape my mouth,
“I belong to the Naughty Secretary Club”
He smiled, and then chuckled.
“I somehow thought you did, but let’s move on, where’s my calendar?”

I gathered the datebook and hard copy print out of my Outlook calendar and brought them to the side of his desk.
Actually, I wasn’t too surprised to see he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it.
“I expect you to listen your boss well, you’re used to that right?”
I nodded, confident in being an expert in many aspects of my job and knew my responsibilities. 

As he kept stroking he continued to ask me questions like whether I did this for my last boss, whether I’ve ever had to assist a female boss, or if my last boss had shared me.  I answered truthfully, that my last boss had taken full advantage of my skills, but his ‘appetites’ were vanilla.  I wasn’t really challenged.  I had a female boss in the past and I took care of her needs, having to be a sub all the time.  She was a bit of a harsh manager.  No boss had ever shared me, and I told Mr. Johnson that I wasn’t sure that would be a good idea.  I always stress discretion.

“I want you to know I’ll be very specific about what I want until we know each other better.”
I nodded again; it made perfect sense to me.
“Now go close the door Debbie”
Once back at his desk his instructions, if not demands, started.
“Take your blouse off and get under the desk” 
I was glad he asked for this for a few reasons; I wanted to show off my big tits to him, I do like a man staying in a suit with the extra special accessory of a hardening cock falling out of pants, and this was already a bit naughtier than my last boss ever got.  Little did I know exactly how naughty it would get.

He told me to suck his balls while he kept stroking his dick.
“I don’t want you to put this cock in your mouth unless I say so”.

His nuts were shaved smooth and my tongue attacked them with vigor.  He squirmed and stroked a bit harder when I sucked one into my mouth and slurped on it.
“Ohmmm very good Debbie”, he said as he placed his free hand on the top of my head.
Continuing to use my tongue to pleasure and explore him, I licked small circles over and under his balls.

“I want to fuck you Debbie, I want you to make me real hard with your mouth first”, he said as he let go of his cock.

This request was usual; guys always want to shove their cocks into my mouth.  I came out from under the desk a bit and loosened his tie, then took it off.  He seemed a bit bewildered, but trusted me already.  Disappearing under the desk again I sucked his cock head into my mouth as I wrapped his tie around the base of his cock.
“Oh wow!  You are a good secretary!”

I took another inch of him into my mouth and felt him harden against my tongue.  His hand remained on my head.  It wasn’t too long until my sucking and licking wasn’t enough for him.
“Now I need to show you who’s boss Debbie, get out from under there.”
This was when requests turned into demands.
He asked for his tie back and told me to move to the front of the desk.  He stood up and I got wetter just looking at him, his cock was rock hard, but he was still in his suite, even his jacket.

“Bend over and grab the desk”
He lifted my skirt and threw it up and onto my back. 

“Do you know how to show your ass off to me?”
I did know, so I reached back and spread my cheeks apart for him.
“Exactly !, very nice”

I felt two of his fingers enter my pussy and spreading my juices all over.  He bent over and started to tickle my asshole with his tongue, he was marvelous.  Again, I thought, how much of a better boss this guy was. 
I looked behind me as he was grabbing his cock.  I watched as he rubbed the head over my asshole, plunging his thumb into my tight hole.  I accidentally moaned out, not quite expecting it.  That caused another demand; I think it pissed him off.

“We can’t have that Debbie, you can’t make noise”
He took his tie from his pocket and gagged me with it.  Pulling on the extra fabric as he slowly shoved his cock into my ass. 

“We can’t have a secretary that doesn’t know what she’s doing”, he groaned as he drove deeper into my ass. 

One hand kept a tight rein on my gag while the other started to spank me.  My ass got hotter, hot cock inside and a hand smacking the outside.  I turned my head and lay my cheek on the desk, the wood was cool and smooth and I sighed.  He thrusts were getting deeper; I could feel his balls on me.  The pace quicken and I bucked back against him, his very quiet groans told me he liked it.

He gave me another hard slap, let go of the gag, pulled out of me and came on my ass cheeks.  His jizz was hot and having it fall on my smacked ass made the heat that much more intense!
He sat back in his chair again, this time with a big smile on his face.  He seemed content with my work.
“Now Debbie, try to understand this, although it was nice getting to know you, you should only be fucking your boss on dress down Friday’s, got it?”
“Sure boss, whatever works”, I answered as I was straightening out my blouse and skirt.
“Good, now would you mind booking and preparing the conference room for my meeting this afternoon”, he said as he pulled a file from his desk.
Nodding, I turned on my heels and headed out the door.

I think at lunchtime I’ll prepare my report for the next meeting of the Naughty Secretary Club.


audioerotica said...

Awesome....loved it. Miss your talents at sexforums.

Audioerotica ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey audio...glad you like. I sort of gave up writing on other sites so I could concentrate here. Keep enjoying!

Anonymous said...

Been waiting a while for your next story sweets..and you did not disappoint.