Monday, July 23, 2007


As I mentioned a week or so ago the yearly audit that was happening at my job was going to keep me from posting here. Obviously it has done just that.
Soon it will all be over. The audit is at the end of the week, and then we are 'free' for another year.
So you may be wondering way is the title of my post 'encouragement'.
It has been something on my mind lately.
I wanted to let you, as a welcome reader of mine, know that soon there will be new adventures and stories. I offer words of encouragement in that direction.
As for my late nights at the office, I have the the wonderful encouragement of the person I am glad to call partner, CJ.
And at the office, our team is lacking encouragement from our divisional director, something that has become a bit of a morale reducer, and a bit of a surprise.
Soon it will all be over and I'll be back living the life I live in the blogosphere.

In my old blog The Long Strange Trip I used to have a word of the day that went along with the entry. Maybe I'll start that up again. This would be a perfect time to start.

encourage |enˈkərij; -ˈkə-rij|
verb [ trans. ]
give support, confidence, or hope to (someone) : we were encouraged by the success of this venture | [as adj. ] ( encouraging) the results are very encouraging | [as adj. ] ( encouraged) I feel much encouraged. • give support and advice to (someone) so that they will do or continue to do something : [ trans. ] pupils are encouraged to be creative. • help or stimulate (an activity, state, or view) to develop : the intention is to encourage new writing talent.


The Pagan And The Pervert said...

Isn't it disappointing when a boss you thought was better than that doesn't make with the positive stuff... you have our sympathy

Hang in there, Deb... we'll be there when you get back :)

P and P

Bunny said...

I like the word of the idea thing. Pretty cool (and all the cool people like to be educated, right?).
Looking forward to having you back!

Anonymous said...

Here is my support encouragement and etc, to you Ms DD! Keep it up. and Stay Smiling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mutley. The audit ended this past Friday. I've rested up and should be getting back to my stories within the week.
The encouragement always helps ;)