Monday, July 30, 2007

Give It Up Woman

The air-conditioning had kept the bedroom at a comfortable level all night and I stirred before my alarm went off, wrapped in the comfort of my blanket.
I wanted my dream to continue. It had been a while, but I was dreaming about getting fucked. Yes, I mean fucked. I wasn’t being wooed or made love to; I was being taken for pure pleasure.
So, I stirred with an aching wet pussy.
The alarm went off with an even more annoying buzz than usual and I reached over and silenced it.

CJ, a morning person, was already up and came into the bedroom to ease me into the day. I began to tell him about my dream.
It was almost embarrassing, it involved a person I worked with. What made it even stranger was that the man was about 15 years older than me. I went on to tell CJ as I was dressing for the day, that he just did me right then are there. One of my job duties is as receptionist and he had is way with me on my desk. He didn’t exactly force himself on me, but he held me down. I gave in and became submissive to the whole situation.
Finally, I was all dressed and ready for breakfast.

I got my bowl of cereal and coffee that CJ had ready for me and moved to the dining room table. I didn’t see CJ at first; I figured he was in the guest bedroom or bathroom.
Then he came up behind me and grabbed my shoulders, yelling at me “Give it up woman”.
He pulled me up and towards him, forcing a deep and urging kiss. I barely knew what was going on other than I had to get to work.
But feeling CJ’s cock hardening against my pinstripe slacks quickly took my mind off work.
He kept holding me tight and said “You slut, giving it up to a guy from work!”
“Hon, it was only a dream”, I explained.
“It just shows you’ve got it in you whore”, he answered as he shoved me down on the table. I was on my back with my legs handing off the edge.
He held my hands together and down with one, while the other undid his robe belt, showing off his rock hard cock.

“I have to go to work”, I pleaded.
“Not now you don’t bitch, right now I’m you’re boss. Got it?”, he snapped.
He didn’t even bother to unzip my pants, he tore them apart at the zipper and pulled them down to my ankles. I began to whimper. I wasn’t used to this kind of treatment. Next, he ripped my blouse open, popping off buttons and manhandled my tits, forcing them out of my bra. He smashed them together and bit at my nipples. I cried out at first. Then he covered my mouth as he shoved two fingers up my pussy. This time my moans were suppressed by his hand on my mouth.

He fucked my pussy with his fingers as he tugged at my nipples with his teeth.
He removed his fingers from my pussy and his mouth from my tits long enough to say to me, “I thought this was how you liked it, I thought this was the kind of fuck you dreamed of”
By now I had given up on all hope of getting to work on time and his play did actually turn me on. His fingers were wet and my nipples were at attention.
“Now ask the boss for a raise whore”, he instructed.
I assumed an even more humble position and began to explain why I should get a raise. “Please, I really can’t make it any longer on this salary”
He didn’t drag this out at all.
“Let’s see how fuckable that wet snatch of yours is”, he said as he moved up and shoved his hard cock through my puffy lips and into my tight wet cunt. He drove in hard and deep, filling me up instantly. He held me down by both wrists as he pumped into my hot hole without abandon.
I moaned as he stretched my cunt and it hugged at his hot shaft, pulling it inside me. The sounds from him were grunts, plain old fucking grunts. His pace was fast now and his balls slapped against my ass as it hung slightly off the edge of the table.
“Oh yes whore!! Oh fuck yes!!”, he stammered between grunts.
“Cum for me slut and you’ll get that raise”, he moaned out.
I told him that I was close and if he tweaked at my tits that I would spill my pussy juice all down his cock and over his balls.
He did as I asked and kept rocking into me. It didn’t take too long until I felt the beginning of that hot wave begin deep inside my pussy and explode as I loudly moaned out as I came.
He stopped playing with my tits and shoved his heat inside me a few more times.
Then he pulled out, jerked at his cock a couple of times and sprayed my face with his gooey man milk.
“Oh yes, a very fuckable snatch, you’ll get your raise”, he said as he tied up his robe and left the dining room.
I was left on the table used up and sticky with cum.
“Get cleaned up Deb, I’ll call work and them know you’re going to be late”, CJ said from the bedroom.
I got myself off the table and wondered if I would feel as exposed as I did now when I walked through the door at work that day.


The Fury said...

If you did all of that at work, that'd be good enough for at least COO of the company, no?

Hot post.

Bunny said...

Very sexy . . . gotta love a man who'll work with a fantasy!

Fiesty Feline said...

What a great way to start the day. (your's and mine now!) A very exciting post to read before work!

Anonymous said...

Yer having fun... good for you...

Alfie said...

Sensational. Inspirational. Etc. I really love this blog. And as usual Emm will reap the benefit.

SM said...

Hot and instantly arousing! Well done!

Don said...

Well, I'm older than you. Gotta visit your work!

Of course, CJ has probably spoiled you. Nice post. Thank you.

Kitty said...

"He fucked my pussy with his fingers as he tugged at my nipples with his teeth" mmmmm yummmmmy! great post.

Sex Nerd said...

Great post indeed. I love being late for work for reasons like this.