Monday, July 9, 2007

I'll Be Needing Stress Relief

Hope everyone had a good weekend and the week is starting off uneventfully (which is, at times, good).

This is a tough month for me, so please understand if my postings seem to become erratic, it is not a loss of interest, but rather a need to much of my brain power elsewhere.

Our treatment team is being audited by the state mental health and hygiene board and the University of Maryland at the end of the month. I am the person on the team that has to compile all the data needed for the scoring. It involves a lot of reading (about 1,000 notes) and a lot counting, as any audit does. The difference is that instead of being money we count services being given to people. It is impossible to do my regular job during the usual eight hours and get ready for the audit, so I will be working from home, mostly on the weekends.

You know that freeing, pounding kind of sex that is a great stress reliever? I think I'll need that about every four hours until the 28th of the month.
As soon as I get some time, or at least allow myself some for the relief, I'll put keyboard to cyberspace and write it here.


Alfie said...

I think it's a crying shame that sexy people have to work at all. We'll all be thinking of you - every four hours.

Al Sensu said...

My Ex is a team leader at a county mental health agency. Every year the dollars get fewer and the paperwork increases. Not fun, especially for someone like her that would prefer to be working with clients but has risen to management through sheer competence. Her reward is that she now does have a personal caseload, along with her managerial duties.

Anonymous said...

lets jerk off together

Anonymous said...