Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Bike

One way I keep up on other sex blogs and sites is getting the RSS feed from Fleshbot. I came across an article there that flashed me back to the early years of my marriage to CJ. It's called Flesh Flicks: Easy Riding, watch it here.
To quote Fleshbot:
There aren't a lot of certainties in life, but there is one thing we know without a doubt: Chicks dig motorcycles. They're so popular with the ladies that it seems as if you don't even have to know how to ride one. Just park it someplace secluded and eventually a hot, leather clad babe will come by and let you fuck her on it. Works every time!
Back in those days, in my early 20's, when I was married to CJ, I was not as well versed in the art of sex and love-making. I used to love being the passenger on his Triumph T100C 1968, also known as the tiger, motorcycle. It was always a rush. I was too naive to realize what that rush was, but I now know it was a type of sensuality.
Once we were divorced I used to tell people that the only thing I missed about my ex was 'the bike'.
Now that we are back together there is no bike, only two cars, a Ford and a Cadillac. I wish I was as well versed, as open, as free in my sexuality back then. I would have love to have gotten fucked by CJ on that bike.
Is this just me gals? Do you think that a good looking motorcycle is as sexy as a good looking man?
I think it's the curves, the leather, the power all associated with a good bike.

Maybe I need to figure a good way to mess up that leather interior in CJ's Caddy.
If it doesn't happen in reality I can always write a story about either the Caddy or the Triumph.


Alfie said...

Wow!!! Thanks for that link to one of the most entertaining video we've ever seen. Beautiful.

Bunny said...

For me it's the whole experience - leather-clad man, cool bike, arms around him, vibrations beneath me, flying down the highway, sun on my leather . . . The cooler the bike the better, but it even works on my husband's littlish sport bike. We always talked about upgrading to a cruiser, but never have in part because the smaller bike gets such great mileage (in the summer he parks the car and rides the bike daily).

Dirty Debbie said...

Bunny, you hit the nail on the head with:
"arms around him, vibrations beneath me, flying down the highway"
That's what I enjoyed, and what I miss.