Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Morning Lick - Part II

First catch up with Part I

I saw Brad's arm moving more as he spoke to me. Then he asked me if I wanted to know what his idea was. Of course I did, there was a possibility that this was going to be more interesting than I thought, even if it wasn’t right.

“I want to taste your juicy sweet pussy while I feel your lips wrapped around my cock”, he blurted out. I heard him unzip his pants and saw that his arm was now almost in a full jerking motion.
I told him that the sound of a guy jerking off was a real turn on for me. I have always reveled in the sound of thick flesh being yanked. He smiled and was glad that I was enjoying it.

I moved from the chair to sit on the side of his desk. I wanted to get a look at that meaty play toy I heard him enjoying.
I peered past the edge of the desk and to his lap. He tightly his cock at the base and proudly showed himself off to me.

“Here you go Deb”, he said like a chef presenting his signature dish. It was all so simple really, I just have to give him a Debbie Deluxe, just like he had read about in my blog.
“Swallow my cum and let me nibble that gorgeous clit of yours and your husband could be our newest employee”, he said to me lustfully.

What a mixture of excitement and guilt those words gave me. I had never done anything like this before, but my mind quickly resolved, or should I say rationalized, my actions. I would do what I needed to, but I would picture CJ’s cock in my mouth. I would taste CJ, not Brad. And that would be CJ’s tongue on my hot slit. Brad wouldn’t be able to take those thoughts away from me.

Brad stood up and removed his pants, the tails of his shirt danced around his stiffening cock and tight balls as he leaned over to clear off his desk. He picked me up off the desk and lay me down. Each movement seemed to become more and more urgent as he lifted up skirt and pulled off my panties. He spread my legs apart.

He climbed on top of me and straddled my face. His knees pushed into my cheeks as he commanded me to suck his dick. I was quickly enveloped in the musk of a new man and the warm smooth skin of his cock twitching against my chin and lips.
I felt his warm breath on my damp pussy, then a small nibble at my clit. I opened my mouth to moan and he lowered his cock into it. I sucked Brad’s cockhead into my mouth and began to eat it, but it was all for CJ, it was CJ I was sucking deeper down my throat. I had to be sure to do this well, if Brad didn’t like my technique I was in danger of not only having CJ lose out on a job, but I would have done this with another man all for naught.

I slurped heavily on his thick meat and pushed my tongue against his shaft as I moved it back and forth over his warm tasty cock. To add to the delicious sensation I felt Brads tongue exploring my pussy, he was making it ache and wet and I fucking loved it. I rocked my hips against his face as he easily glided in and out of my mouth. When his cock was deep down my throat he would be sure to push his tongue into my wet tight hole, making me moan on over his throbbing dick.

After a little while he wanted more. He pulled his head out from between my legs and pulled his cock out of my mouth.
“Suck my balls you fucking nasty whore”, he moaned as he lowered his smooth nuts to my lips. I flicked at them with the tip of my tongue first, but it wasn’t enough and Brad became impatient with me saying,
“I said suck them bitch!”
I gently sucked one side of his nut sack inside my mouth and he groaned out right before diving into my bare muff again. I spread my legs wider and slurped across his sack.

He began to finger my asshole as he continued to eat me and I was close to cumming. My body shivered and my fingernails ran across his ass cheeks. My clit felt so swollen I just had to release, my entire body was beginning to quiver.
Brad knew what he was doing to me and he picked up the pace. My orgasm started deep inside me and ran down my gut to soak my pussy and feed Brad my juices. I let his balls fall from my mouth and I moaned out. Oh, it’s always so damn good.

“My turn honey”, he said as he shoved his cock down the length of my throat. I felt his cockhead hit the back of my throat as he started to vigorously fuck my face.
I kept up with him, sucking on his manhood with each stroke. It was though he was doing push ups on my face. His moaning became more intense and I knew he was ready to explode. He buried his cock deep in my face and I sucked like never before. I don’t even think I had sucked off CJ so powerfully. It worked and it worked quickly. His flesh shotgun went off in the back of my throat and immediately started to swallow is hot goo.

Once we had both had our fill we got off the desk and straightened ourselves out.
Although I was eager to find out one way or another how I did, Brad played it very cool.
“Your husband should know by the beginning of next week about his job”, he said
I smiled, thanked him, and left the office.
I went home, took a long hot shower, and didn’t say a word to CJ.

As predicted the call came for him to start at the station the following Tuesday.
I think I grinned with a knowing sort of smirk when he told me.
I couldn’t tell him that I did my part to help him get that job


Alfie said...

Thank you so much. I think I need to take Emm to bed now.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I wish I had a job where I could hire people. ;)

Part II is even better than part I.

Bunny said...

Wonderful story! Bravo!

Desire X said...

Now that's a purrrfect clit to tickle. My panties are soaked.