Monday, December 3, 2007

Now It’s Face To Face (Delight Part II)

Been sure to enjoy the first part of my delight here.

Yes, the night was young, but my body already felt as though it would explode before the night was over.
Mark didn’t seem to miss one lick or one tug on the chain attached to my nipples. He tongue was slowly exploring each petal of my inner lips and it felt wonderful. It was feelings like this, being able to experience every move of his tongue and mouth, that made me shave my pussy lips bare. Every once in a while his tongue would dive deeply into my wet hole; he would tug especially hard on the small lassos around my erect nipples. I would scream out from pure pleasure and pull against my restraints. The frustration was driving me crazy and his tongue was bringing me to the brink.
“I’m going to cum babe if you keep that up”, I moaned out.
But I guess that wasn’t in his plan. He stopped the tittie play and lapping at me.
“Oh no Deb, not until I tell you that you can”, he said.
He got up off the bed and instructed me to lie still. He took the nipple chain off and removed the blindfold.

In spite of the fact that I was bound and naked looking at Mark was a comfort.
He looked so handsome, he cock was at attention for, and he was smiling gently at me. I smiled back, letting him know that I was right where I wanted to be. It had been a long time since I was enjoyed by a man this much. It felt so real and good.
But he wasn’t ready to free me yet. I was to be bound to the bed for now. He got on the bed beside me and ran his hands up and down my legs. I wanted to return the favor, to touch him, but if I kept thinking about it, the more frustrated I became.

He positioned himself over my face and lowered his balls onto my lips.
“Suck my balls”, he asked, telling me that he had shaved them just for me.
As he got so close to me, and I could smell his musk, a shiver ran up my back and I arched it a bit. Now it was my turn to pleasure him, as he did me, with my tongue. My first taste of Mark consisted of small concentric circles around his balls, first the right, then the left, and then back again. They were a real treat, smooth, tight, full. They seemed to be made for my mouth. Mark was almost as vocal as me and I like that in a man. Because of this, I was able to tell he was enjoying himself. He moaned and cursed me and it just made me wetter. His cock throbbed against my face and I wanted it, but I knew I couldn’t ask for it. Mark would tell me when I should have it. After teasing him with the licking, I sucked his nuts into my mouth. He moaned loudly, took his thick cock into his hand and began to slap my face with it. “You fucking whore”, he yelled at me as he did. I didn’t care, the feel of his hot stiff flesh against my cheeks made me know exactly what I was, I was his.

I still splayed out, still bound, and now it seems forever his.
With nothing more than a soft moan, he pushed his red swollen mushroom head between my lips. I instinctively opened my mouth and he entered me for the first time, through my wet cock-hungry mouth. I licked at him first, closing my eyes and falling into the moment. Then I took him deeper, sucked him more, and listened to his approval: “ooohh, yesss”, he seemed to hiss deeply at me.
He ran his fingers through my hair as he pushed his cock down my throat, testing my claims of being a good sucker. I breathed deeply through my nose and took him all in until my nose hit the small patch of hair above his cock he hadn’t shaved. His balls slapped my chin and as I looked up at him I could see his more rapid breathing and I listened as his moans turned to groans. I moved my head up and down, at least as much as possible considering my situation so he could my fuck my face.
His hot dick easily slid in and out of my mouth as I sucked with each thrust. I could feel him growing inside me each time so I assumed when he pulled out of me with a loud *pop* it was to keep from feeding me that hot jizz of his.
He began to smack me again, this time with a harder, hotter cock that was covered with my own saliva.

When Mark felt that I had enough of his sweet punishment he got of the bed and stood next to me. I turned my head to look at him as he said,
“Now Debbie, now tell me how to free you”.
I was so wet, so hot, so turned on I felt as though I could barely speak. My answer came out quickly, but only as a hoarse whisper,
"Now, Mark... God, please, now!"
"Fuck me... I want to feel your cock in my pussy, I want to feel you cum inside me."

I guess those were the magic words. I saw his cock twitch as I said them. A smile came to his face. He moved to my left ankle and began to remove my restraints.
That would be the only way for us to enter each other.


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That vid of you masturbatings is hot

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Very hot!

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Sexy writing Deb, You never disappoint us!

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Thanks everyone. It's always nice to hear that others are enjoying my over-sexed(is that really possible?) writings.

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