Monday, September 25, 2006

A Fantasy With CJ - Part One

I wrote this a while ago, but I just have been inspired to post it now, as originally writen:

On one of the gray days we had here in the Mid Atlantic during hurricane Ernesto I thought of one of my fantasies involving CJ. I realized that almost all the fantasy I write here is drawn from my own, but they are usually vague. I discovered that I had some that pertained to CJ and only CJ. So here is my first attempt at getting those ideas ‘on paper’.

I remember that CJ once told me that if I were wearing my black silk stockings and lace garter when he came home from work he'd fuck me on the spot.

Months after that, I picture myself doing just that, in order to see if he meant it.
The thing is with this fantasy; I get more than I asked for.
When I want to fantasize about CJ, this is how the idea continues....
I have been sitting on the coach for a good twenty minutes, listening. My heart skips a beat as I hear him drive up and the car door slam. I get to the door quickly. All I am wearing is those stockings, a pair of black sling-backs, hard nipples, and a smile.
You walk in the door, head down at first, as you look up smile draws across your face almost instantanously.
"You did it, you finally did it”, he says to me, just eyeing me.
Seeing him do that is all I need to get my juices flowing.
Then things change, no longer am I dealing with romance.
"You fucking slut", he says to me. Then he tells me to wait right where I am, that I’m not dressed quite correctly.
Moments later he returns with something behind his back and he stands behind me. It’s a black leather choker; the word ‘whore’ is cut out. I guess that he was just waiting for me to take him up on his ‘dare’. He puts it on me, it’s snug, but he tells me to keep it the way it is.
“What’s wrong whore, don’t you know where the bedroom is?”
I nod and he replies with an almost business-like “Well, lets go”

Although things aren’t quite as I had planned, they still are fun. I’m not worried, I just know that you have talent and are taking this in a different direction.

I have always felt at ease once I’m in our bedroom and this is no exception. He sits in the comfortable chair and says “Now let’s get a long look at you bitch”
I just stand at the foot of the bed.
“Let’s see some of what you’ve really got”, he says to me as his hand moves to his crotch.
“I don’t understand”, I reply, almost shyly.
“Come on, get on the bed and show me the goods. I want to make sure I’m getting my moneys worth.”
I get on the bed and lie on my back. I bring me knees towards me and spread my legs.
In preparation for this night, I shaved my pussy totally bald. So, since he wanted to see the goods, he’s getting a good show now.
“Nice pussy, especially for a whore”
“Do you want me to tell you why it’s so nice?”, he asks.
I paused for a moment, not quite sure how to answer, but I said “yes”.
Then he beings his reasoning: “It’s bald so I can enjoy it all its beauty and it’s already dripping wet and glistening. “
“I’m glad you like it hon”, I answer.
He then tells me to get off the bed and come back to the foot.
I can that his cock is pushing against his pants from watching me and massaging his balls.

The fantasy continues next time.

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Pierre said...

I like your imagination!


woodinhand said...

Stroking and holding off for part two ;)

rbounful said...

Tell us all. Have you ever been really really naughty or thought about it? what was it?

RobbieG said...

Very nice...everything! I can't wait for more.

single gal said...

oooo - yummy yummy photo!

tres bien!