Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Different Kind Of Sex Bed Sunday

Greetings to all my fair readers. I am slowly working my way back. Something came to mind the other night while I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep:
The size of the playground known as my bed.
Note that I’ve added a new poll to my sidebar, asking about the size off your playground.

CJ and I have a magnificent King size bed.
I think I’ve mentioned before what a special place I think it is. I know that I’ve told CJ on a regular basis the same thing. Some of the adjectives that I would use to describe are: special, fun, and mystical, just to name a few.

I think having a King size bed gives us freedom. There’s more movement available for one reason.
I must admit that it seems as though we do less spooning than we did when we had smaller beds, and I wonder if it isn’t because of all the room.
It’s nostalgic to think back to college when we would spend the nights together in a twin bed, but I could never stand that again.

So, does size matter when it comes to your bed?
What do you think of that poor piece of furniture that takes all that pounding from your mutual love?

By the way the pictures of the bed for today are at the new apartment, you can even see that the bedroom opens out onto a balcony.

Sex Bed Sunday

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Durty Thawtz said...

I'm rather glad we haven't reattached the four posters on ours yet. i'm afraid we might bend another one. but i wouldn't trade it for the world

Desireous said...

Nice bed, love the balcony. I guess Sir would tell you that size doesn't matter much because no matter what he still ends up with no room. I just like to be close to him. :-)


Midwestern City Boy said...

We've got a full size bed. I prefer that size or smaller while California Girl likes something bigger. We slept together in a twin bed back in our collage days so a full size still seems like a lot of space.

woodinhand said...

Twin, Full, or King it is fun to fuck until both of you are haning off the edge, spilling onto the floor.

woodinhand said...

No posts durty thawtz, what do you tie each other too ;)

Aragorn said...

A big bed, VERY important. It just invites to be everywhere, all over, in every position ... fabulous. And, with a balcony, or lots of sunlight ... even better ... Beautiful bed (beautiful drawing too, it seems) ... Hugs - A

Camilla said...

I absolutely love a big bed - so you can use all parts of the bed during a lovemaking session!

DG said...

Queens are for cuddling, kings are for romping!