Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Fantasy With CJ - Part Two

Enjoy part one first.

“Play with yourself while I get more comfortable”, was his next instruction.
I spread my lips with one hand as the other searched out my clit and began to rub on it. In the mean time, he takes off his belt, unzips his pants, and pulls both his pants and shorts down, they easily move around his ankles.
His cock and balls have been trimmed, are very much at attention, and look extremely inviting.

“Don’t you know your job you cunt?”, he says to me harshly. “Come and sit on this fine meat”, he demands as he grips his cock firmly.I move towards him and when I get close enough he grabs me and pulls me towards me. I mount his stiff cock and lean my tits into his face. He smacks my ass and tells me to start fucking him. As I start to slowly move up and down his dick, he puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down the full hilt of his cock. He smacks my ass again and yells “Fuck me bitch, fuck my cock!”
I moved more quickly my tits begin swaying in his face. He bites at my tits as I do his cock like a true fuck-hammer. He fucks me just as hard back and moans out with each thrust.
“OH fuck you slut, I can feel your pussy drenching my balls!”

It was only few more hard fast thrusts and he moans out “FUCK….BITCH!” as he cums just as hard.
I unmount him and he still semi-hard. He starts massaging his balls again.
“Wait at my knees whore”
I sat at his feet, taking in his musk and still yearning for more of that cock.
“On your knees cocksucker”.
He keeps jerking off, sometimes stopping to slap my face with his again cock. I try to capture it with my tongue, but he’s moving too fast, purposely making it hard for me to begin to eat him.
“Beg for it, it’s good cock isn’t it slut?”
I begin my plea. “Please let me suck your cock, I’m a good cocksucker”.
“Really bitch? Prove it”, he barks back at me, then grabs my hair. At first he pulls on only my hair, but then his hands move to the top off my head. He shoves my throat on his cock in the same hard, fast way he pushed my pussy on him. I felt his hardness all over my mouth right away. Soon he jams against the back of my throat and I almost gag.
He moans out “Suck it, you’re my fucking cock sucking whore”
I suck hard and massage his balls as I keep my head bobbing up and down on you. I keep my tongue flat and let him fuck my face, and fuck it hard.
Then, all of a sudden, he stops and pulls his dick out of my mouth. He continues jerking as he instructs me to stay where I am.
“Here you go cocksucker….take this”, he says as he explodes on my tits and face.
When he’s done he says to me: “Lick my cum off yourself”
I push my tits to my mouth and lick his gooey cum off my tits, finally my tongue finds what’s left on my chin.

“Thanks hon, I’m so glad you’re my bitch”, he says as he smiles at me.
“Thank you babe, I love being your cocksucking whore”, I answer.

Then it’s time for dinner, we enjoy the rest of the evening, and go the bed early so I can be treated like the good girl I am.


woodinhand said...

"fuck-hammer" I love that! Spunk to you

Richard said...

Extremely arousing story. What a lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

great story.. awesome pic

Pierre said...



Anonymous said...

Oh wow that was really hot! I loved it!


Anonymous said...

Hey, is this stuff for real? Can you be MY cock-sucking whore for a day?

Anonymous said...

Sorry ANON, but I'm only CJ's cock-sucking whore.
And yes, it's for real...that's really pictures of my 'talents', etc.
Actually through out the blog most all the pics (once we got a digital camera) are of me and/or CJ.
Keep enjoying the blog.

Pendejo69 said...

Forget about fantasies, I'll make the realities!