Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Update from the patient:

As of about 6:00pm I was in our new home. CJ did a wonderful, and very difficult, job of pulling the whole move together with only the help of our child. It felt so special. We will have to take some pictures that try to capture the beauty and the love.

Of course, a very heartfelt 'thank-you' from all my fans for the good wishes and prayers, believe me every bit has helped.

So I was sent home this evening after eight days in the hospital with no real diagnosis. I have been prescribed a couple new medications, some just temporarily for pain, nausea, and to help me sleep. I'm following up with my regular doctor and a GI specialist.
I'm anemic, have barely eaten, and haven't slept well for over a week so I can't say I'm quite myself yet. I sure am on the way though, the therapeutic value of a hot shower is undervalued.
I will be sleeping in my own bed, next to my soulmate another therapy.

I'll be going slow at first, so I can't promise when things will be 'back to normal', but trust me I have plenty of content.

I need to take care of myself for the ones that love me and the ones I love...I'll be doing that first.

I look forward to getting back into the groove.

See you all soon....


single gal said...

take care of yourself Debbie!
and welcome home.

Hip Swingster said...

Welcome home Debbie.

jsull28fl@yaho said...

Glad you are home.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Sometimes, being home is the best medicine. I hope you are feeling better. Enjoy the new place as best you can.

MrManicDepressive said...

Welcome back my dear. I'm glad you're back at home and healing. Take your time and get back in the groove when you feel like it. Take care.

Pierre said...

Mona's favorite comment is, "Have I told you lately that I love our bed?"

You are correct: sometimes being in your own bed is better than any medicine that you can buy.

I hope your mystery illness is behind you for good.


Dee's Husband said...

Glad you're home, Deb. Welcome back to blogland.


Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about a year and a half ago. I personally just got out of the hospital on Tuesday after a 5 day stint, my second one in about a year, as I learn what my body can and cannot handle anymore and how to better take care of it.

It's not easy, it kind of sucks. The problem with the GI Tract is that when the upper or lower half mucks up, the opposite half does too.

I'm not going to offer you pity or even sympathy. I'm going to offer you support. www.ccfa.org Check them out, learn, read, you'll thank yourself later. :-)

I wish you a quick recovery, the dilaudid takes a couple of days to work itself out of your system, it's one of those "have to sleep it off" drugs, even more powerful and addicting then morphine. Funny though, doesn't really ever seem to kill the pain--just kind of turn it into a dull drum instead of an incessant pounding. C'est la vie.

The speediest of recoveries.

Desireous said...

So relieved to know you are home and healing. Rest up, keep healing will wait!


stroker said...

be well....