Sunday, January 4, 2009

Debbie, CJ, and the Couch

In honor of CJ's birthday I chose today to start up my new year of blogging.
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Enough of the reintroduction of my blog. Onto the fun.

Recently CJ and I were enjoying a quite evening at home. Sometimes, especially in the colder weather, it’s nice to have some wine, and enjoy each other’s company. As it seems to be with us, I was soon cradled in his arms, feeling all warm and snuggly with my head on his chest.

Have I ever told you what a good kisser CJ is? I thought I might have. He leaned over and began to kiss me. I can so easily follow his lead when it comes to my tongue dancing with his. Fast, slow, warm, sensuous, soft, and perfect. It is a calming sensation that comes over me when CJ kisses me. That’s just what happened this time too. I’m sure it’s because of the bond we share outside the bedroom that makes me feel this why. I become very turned on by his kisses and it makes me want to submit instantly.

On this particular cold winter evening it wasn’t any different. As he moved to my ears, and then back down, I could feel my nipples harden and my senses heighten. From that moment on the melting into each other started.
He gently pushed me onto my back as he kept kissing, biting, and nibbling my neck. He rolled over on me, my legs instinctively spread to give him room to lie between them. I felt him harden as he began to squeeze and caress my tits. He likes to see my nipples push through my shirts. He pinched them as they showed themselves off. His hands were quickly all over me. I held him closer as he kept caressing my entire body.

Our clothing was becoming annoying by now and, although we didn’t tear at each other like teenagers, we did slowly help each other strip. All this while remaining on the couch. In fact, as you’ll find out, we didn’t leave the couch for a while.

The kissing and caressing continued. CJ moved to my neck and ears and his nibbling turned to bites. He drives me wild when he does this. My entire body started to rock against his. I got wetter and wetter. I held him tighter as he moved from neck to my tits. My nipples were as hard as erasers and my lover was hungry for them. CJ dove into my tits and I moaned as he nibbled on them and slowly filled my soaking pussy at the same time. I then experienced something I had never felt with any other lover. As CJ moved in and out of me and sucked my tits I could actually feel a sensation on my tongue! I couldn’t believe it and had to let CJ know even though it was as a moan, “My god I can even feel you on my tongue.”
It seemed to encourage CJ and he picked up the rhythm. Oh fuck I love it as I pulled up legs and hugged his sides with my knees.
In no time our love making intensified and being on a couch that meant that my head was banging against one arm of the couch and it wasn’t padded. CJ did his best to ease this with one arm wrapped around the back of my head. He tried to cushion my head, but to avail. I didn’t even feel it; the pleasure was outweighing any pain that may have been moving through my head.

Our bodies got warmer, moister, and if possible even closer as we moved with more intensity. Yes my head pushed into the wooden confinement behind me, but it was wonderful waves running through me was all I felt.
I think it will be his turn next time. “Ride ‘em cowgirl”


Anonymous said...

Your mention of "tear[ing] at each other like teenagers" made me think of a question. When you are lounging around the house with CJ, how do you guys dress? Casual and comfortable? Easy access? Still dressed for work?

Anonymous said...

You and Califonia Girl come up with some great ideas. First, to answer your question:
When we are just chilling at home we usually wear loungeware. I think we both have stuff for all seasons. Just the fact that it's "comfies" there is always easy access too. CJ doesn't have a belt, I don't have undies. All this is proven by the
Secondly, I think this would be a great question to ask any bloggers that are couples.

Oh and from a couple that used to be Ohions.....Go Cavs!!