Monday, January 26, 2009

Is It Safe?

There are times when I’m alone that I go over some of my fantasies. As a true believer in the idea that the brain is the largest and finest sex organ a human has, I feel it’s necessary to work on it from time to time. Several nights ago I pondered a favorite of mine while alone in my bed as CJ slept in his room.
See A Lesson Learned if you don’t know about our bedroom set up.

It’s known as “safe rape. Although the idea of being raped is horrific to me, I had heard of this fantasy years ago and the idea engrossed me. Actually, the idea of calling this fantasy a “rape” is ridiculous, but my imagination knew what I meant. I never include anything painful or violent when I think of it. It’s more forceful and passionate than anything else. In my mind I’m more in control and I enjoy any forced submission. I figure that my unknown attacker wants to release some deep primitive urges. The entire scenario is very appealing to me.

This particular evening the fantasy was filling my head. My hands moved to my swelling pussy lips. I gently tugged on them, one at time, finally just cupping my pussy as I thought more of this favorite fantasy of mine. As I pictured the man entering my dark bedroom my fingers moved to my slit and damp inner lips until one slipped inside my wet pussy while my thumb moved to the side of my swollen clit. I teased myself by moving my thumb over my clit as another finger spread me open wider and I rocked on my fingers. The door was closed and I watched my fingers move deftly in the mirror that covered the back of the door. I was naked and could just see the outlines of my large hardened nipples on the top of my large mounds. It was so pleasurable that I felt my head swim in the low light of my bedroom.

I fell deeper into my own deep sexual mind. Soon it was as though a man dressed in black entered my room, staying the shadows. I stopped playing with myself and leapt out of bed, petrified. I tried to find him again to confront him, but he seemed to have disappeared into the shadows. I began to believe I was only seeing things and relaxed. It was then that I felt gloved large hands move up from behind me and cover my eyes. He was silent and I felt ambushed and afraid.
I tried to drop down and slip out of his hold when he said, “Ssssh! I won’t hurt you.”
I knew that in reality I would be overpowered if I tried to escape his grasp.
I froze, paralyzed by the situation I found myself in. Considering the state I was in I couldn’t even tell if I was terrified or just knew how to act that way. He seemed to wait, silently as I calmed down. I started to take in my surroundings using all senses, just as I was when I was in bed. I became acutely aware of my moist naked skin against the clothes of the man behind me and honestly, it excited me. I liked the smell and feel of the leather gloves on my face. He spoke again, pointing out to me that I should close the blinds on the patio door that leads to my room before undressing. He explained that he had been watching me for the past couple of weeks and noticed that I was always alone. He even admitted that he had masturbated while watching me. I remained motionless as he spoke to me, telling me in no uncertain terms, that he wanted me. The idea of being rescued from the situation faded from my mind.

The talk stopped when he removed one hand from over my eyes as he used the other to stroke my neck, tits, stomach, and thighs. I still didn’t know quite how to react and began to ask myself whether I should go with the response I was feeling physically or my higher brain power that questioned whether it was right to do so. It became more difficult to make that decision when my dark stranger started to tell me exactly, coarsely, and explicitly what he wanted to do to me. He told me that he wanted to experience as much of my body as possible. I felt myself begin to weaken; as I did he removed his other hand from my eyes and positioned me from behind so I could see him behind me in the mirror. I couldn’t see any details, just the shape of a man several inches taller than me, holding me to him. His hands were on my tits, my hard nipples pushing between his index and middle fingers, circling them in leather. He buried his mouth in the nape of my neck, kissing and biting it. I had been resisting but now it started to wane. I refused to let him know that I was turned on. He greedily continued his exploration by forcefully pulling arms behind my back, holding them at the wrist as the other hand moved to my pussy. He kept staring at me in the mirror and yanked on my arms, insisting that I do the same.
I looked at the mirror and he dared me, “Admit it, you’re enjoying this aren’t you?” I shook my head and denied it. He reminded me that he was the one in power and I had no choice. He wanted proof that I wasn’t aroused. He rested his hand on my thigh and instructed me to remove his glove. When I paused he yanked on my arms. I removed his glove and let it drop to the floor. Before I took my next breath his hand was exploring my pussy and he brought his mouth close to my ear as he said, “You’re wet.”

Anything that was left of my resistance fell away when I heard that. He briefly let my wrists go to drop to his knees. He held me now by my thighs. I could feel his breath on my butt cheeks before he started to chew and lick them. When I felt his warm wet tongue tickle my asshole I melted. His tongue instinctively moved to my slit when he spread my legs farther apart. He had been holding back for a long time when he exploded with primal passion and pushed me onto my hands and knees. I looked up at the mirror, seeing myself on the floor was a turn on. The silence was cracked by the sound of his fly being unzipped. He moved his hands to my hair and pulled back on me as he penetrated my pussy with no warning. He released a guttural gasp and I finally gave in, letting him know I liked it by moaning out. I gave into the dark stranger completely as he fucked me furiously. I watched the both us as we quickly brought each other to powerful climaxes. It seemed as though he squirted his hot jizz into me over and over again. I’m sure he could feel the intense waves of my orgasm as my pussy tightened around his thick cock.
I collapsed onto my stomach. I heard the zipper again, this time closing his fly. He stepped over me and I watched as he exited through the patio door. I seemed to be in a cloud. I was more aware of my surroundings a moment later, back on my bed.

I took a deep breath and reminded myself to be careful of what I wish for.

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