Saturday, August 27, 2011

Before The Storm

It's no news that Hurricane Irene is wrecking the East Coast.  CJ and I live in the Mid-Atlantic.
Although the storm didn't hit here until today, yesterday CJ and I started our celebration of a big storm yesterday.  It's also no news that whether it's a snow storm, a Nor'easter, or a hurricane, couples often spend their time making love to each other.

Something especially exciting happened in bed yesterday.  Our foreplay was extended and this time we seemed to explore more of each other’s skin, little areas of pleasure all over our bodies.  Eventually I ended up on top, CJ sucking my nipples and absolutely burying his face in my tits.  It's such a turn on for me to look down at him and see his face practically enveloped by them.  I always moan out "bite them...bite them hard", even though I'm very aware that he knows what to do to them to make my pussy wet for him, to ache for him.

CJ decided he wanted me to suck him until he got perfectly hard for my pussy.  CJ kneeled over my face, insisting that I suck him, first wanting me to suck his balls, a request he doesn't normally make.  His balls rested across my lips and holding them with my closed lips I pulled them onto my tongue, let them roll over it and sucked them into my mouth.  His musk and sweat covered me and took over my senses. My licks moved up towards his cock head, once reached I gladly sucked him into my mouth.  He urged me on with his moans and his urgency.  His cock hardening in my mouth, tight balls, and scent, made me want him more, made me glad I was his good woman.  To prove to me that he was ready to take my pussy, he slap me a few times on my face with it.

Then he lifted my hips up, "Ride my cock".
"I know you want to"

I rolled over onto him and he wanted to quickly enter me.  
I wouldn't allow that, "Oh no, not so fast".

He teased me by rubbing his cock head on my clit, and then got it a bit wetter by running it down my waiting slit.  It was then I took him in, no more teasing.  I was already so wet that I easily glided up and down him, that damn hot cock that I have been loving for decades now.
This time something was different, for some reason, our time together in bed got very filthy.  I'm usually the one that does most of the "dirty" talking.  As my readers found out long ago, it's a big turn on for me. He started up this time, telling me our much he loved my pussy and fucking it.  How fine my cunt was for his cock. It just makes me fuck him harder and I came very fast.  I bucked as the waves of orgasm overtook me.  Then nuzzled into CJ's warm neck and it felt fantastic.

Once I calmed down a bit, CJ rolled me over onto my back and made me put my legs straight up in the air. When I was ready he just went to town and slammed his cock into me, I grabbed my ankles, arched my back and started fucking him back just as hard.
Then the big turn on started, something he had never done, at least to this extent, before.  He started telling me that he'd love to watch another guy fucking me and treating me like a whore.  The more he described it, the faster and harder he fucked me.  I started helping him describe it.  CJ said he'd like to watch or be made to stay in a corner.  Another option he offered was that I suck him off while the guy fucked the hell out of my pussy.
My head was near the edge of the bed as he continued his description.

"You mean like this", I said as I worked my head over the edge.

"I could suck you like this while the other guy was taking my cunt", this time opening my mouth as if he were standing in front of me.

"Oh yes, you whore"

This "fantasy exchange" went back and forth a little longer before it was his turn to get off.
As we lay together afterwards, enjoying the breath of new life we give each other when we make love, I thought about it more.  It was very exciting and something I hadn't thought about doing before.  We had shared our fantasies before, and even acted on few you've read about in this blog, but never while we were right in the act.  Even as I write this, I'm getting excited about it all over again.

I want to try this again.  Maybe before the storm passes entirely.

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