Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Different Way To Say "I Love You"

Last night CJ made love to me.  Not something new to this blog, but it was how this love was shown that was extraordinary.

In the discovery of my sexual self, I have found over the years that I enjoy submission and light bondage & discipline.  I’ve been a little more into it since I’ve started playing VP.  Role-playing as a whore forces you to function as a submissive.

CJ approached me on the coach to, what seemed innocently enough, to offer me a candy bar from his mouth.  After lulling me into a sense of false security he climbed onto the couch, pulled his pants down he forced my head back so he could sit on my face.  He was being filthy to me.  He was yelling, calling me a bitch and whore, commanding me to do everything he asked for and do it immediately. I had to lick his balls, and I was told what a whore I was for wanting to do it.  CJ has nice tight balls when he gets hard and they are yummy.

“You want it whore, suck my cock” he yelled as he pushed me on the floor demanding I get on my knees. 

He held the base of his cock, which by now had come to full attention and quickly shoved it down my throat.  I gagged and he kept fucking my mouth with it. I gagged again, but it didn’t matter, he kept it up and I did “my job”, I sucked and licked.

“Suck me off, that’s it suck my cock”

Yes, over and over again I was disgraced as a whore and a cocksucker.
As long as my mouth wasn’t having his cock shoved down it, I always answer with a soft “yes sir”.  Showing fear by not looking at him, or putting my hands to my face.

Even though the things that he was demanding, like deep throating him, tea bagging me, and sucking his balls are things that get me wet in no time, this time was different and I went with it.
Soon he was demanding that I take my clothes off and to do it quickly.  I did it because I wanted to, because I couldn’t wait to see what was next.
I was practically thrown over the coffee table.  From behind my legs were spread and I was mounted like what I was at that moment, a whore.

“That’s give me your pussy, let’s see your pussy”

 Then CJ pounded me hard and fast. I was told to “kiss the floor”, I dropped my head down flat on the floor and got fucked even harder.  As hard as he was fucking me, that’s how hard and quickly he came.
By then, I was moaning loudly “Fuck me, fuck your bitch”.
I was turned around once he pulled out of me and the next demand was “Taste your pussy bitch”, my head shoved was down on his cock again, having to clean him up after fucking a dirty slut.

“Think you can get me hard again?”

Finally, and not quite as harshly he put me on my back on the living room floor and spread my legs again, this time to go down on my pussy.  Since I was still in the mindset of being CJ’s prostitute I starting saying, “no don’t”.  I know, that makes me sound crazy right? 
Whores don’t get their pussy’s eaten….stop”.  Of course, he didn’t and as his tongue circled my clit and my tight used hole I came.  I mean my entire body shook I came so hard. 

CJ moved up towards me and I said “I love you” and told him what a loving act that was.  “I love you too” was his reply along with that impish grin of his.
He kept saying, “that’s not in my character”
I know that honey. 
He knew that I would get into it and would enjoy it, so he went ahead and fell, quite well, into my fantasy.  Yes, a bit of a quickie, but very exciting.  Afterwards we loved it!  We were high on fun and excitement.  That’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel after you make love with your partner in a selfless way.

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