Monday, August 29, 2011

As Passions In Mortality

I'm very happy to present a guest writing. This is from a friend of mine in VP, Little Nymph Lacie. She sent this to me with no intention of me publishing it to my Diary and I was very pleased when she allowed me to, enjoy
Beginnings touch softly
while removing her apparel
adorned for the midnight sin
Eyes eagerly walking over body
brazen fingers with tantalizing ideas
and lips introducing exciting mouth sex
amidst the dark ache for ecstasy
devouring reason as two are joined
Evolving into primitive hunger
chaotic thermal waves kiss across
like an avalanche of magma
burning with erotic function
feeding this fire flesh heat
Nails digging trenches in bedroom warfare
experiencing every note of symphony
as two struggle dancing for release
promising justice for bitten lips
Far beyond the reaches of normality
savoring the royal juices swallow
increasing the volume to the mind-altering voice
of orgasm's punishing delight
bending reality without touching
Hearing wonderful cries of climax
savoring all fantasy swollen sounds
dominated by the euphoric first breath
having drowned in heaven nectar
sweat oasis winking at your arrival
Lingering phantoms embodying need
echoes surging from enlightenment
tangled limbs telling quotes of love
Laughs complimenting the genius
who graced this technique of creation
upon the willing as they seek the know
obeying fascinations of the womb
And as we enter the lustful death
Lying together is to be born.


Alfro said...

So glad to see you back.
I just found you again.

Hope your well.

Anonymous said...

So glad you found me again. I'm having so much fun starting up "The Diary" again. Like Dirty Debbie always says, "keep cumming back" ;)