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DDU #5 - For D.

Lately discretion has been requested of me whether it’s the DDU’s or the CBW’s. This is one of those requests. I want to take this chance to let contributors to this website know that they are always respected when it comes to identity.

I especially liked this idea because there are a few aspects that I haven’t written about before.

So D - this one’s for you. I hope it makes you feel like a star.

It was time, again, for my friend Kim and I to go to our favorite band’s concert. This time they were in Washington D.C., less than 100 miles from our small town in Northern Virginia. When we heard that The Hellraisers were going to be in town, we got a hold of some of our friends in the band to get tickets. We knew we would have to pay for them later, backstage, but that was the fun of it.

First, the shopping trip, we knew what our guys liked to see us in, tasteless and hot dresses. Yeah they were awful in one way, but in another, I loved them. The skirts must have only been two inches below our asses. One dark blue dress, the other white, plunging neck lines, hugging every curve, spaghetti straps that look they are about to tear. We wanted to be clear that we wanted these dresses to just about fall off.

Before we left for Washington we got together and dressed together, make-up, jewelry, and of course, a couple bottles of whiskey. Once we were on the highway my thoughts wondered to Will, my favorite singer, and what I would do to him, not to mention what he’d do to me. My pussy dampened a bit in anticipation. Although we liked the music, it really wasn’t what we were going for, so when we showed up a bit late it didn’t matter to us.
Once at the side entrance we spoke with the road manger, who was very familiar with us, and lead us back stage. We had fun waiting, listening to the music, it was different, sort of a mixture between The Cramps and The Traveling Wilburys. So, in the mean time we drank and got high with the roadies and other groupies hanging around. The more I thought of Will the hornier I got. Kim never seemed to really care which of the other guys she got, but I had my favorite.

Finally, I heard the last encore. I saw Will not too long after that. Once back stage he did pay attention to some of the other girls, had a few drinks, and few tokes, I waited by the wall until he was through and saw me. Kim seemed to be trying to settle in with one guy, but couldn’t seem to get anyone else’s attention. I felt bad, but when Will fell into my arms, and I felt his hands along my bare skin, the world melted away, and I needed him, bad. We sat for a while enjoying the party, his hands were all over me and it wasn’t enough. It just made me hungrier, hungrier for him.

I couldn’t stand it any more and leaned over, whispering in his ear, “I want your cock…now”. He turned to look at me and smiled saying, “Right here, now?”

Although that sounded like fun to me, it wasn’t what I wanted this time. He took me, pulled me up and we started for the door. I turned around looking for Kim and she by herself, drinking.

I again whispered to Will, “Can we take Kim with us?”
Will gave her the once over and said “Sure, the more the merrier”.

By the time we all got to the hotel we were feeling pretty mellow and happy. Once in the room, Will practically attacked me. He pushed me to the bed and I fell immediately onto my back, the straps of my dress fell below my shoulders and my legs spread. Will turned his back and grabbed Kim, doing the same to her. I could see that his cock was already beginning to strain against his jeans. He began to take charge of the two of us.

“Come on girls, let’s have some fun”, he said as he undid his belt buckle.

With that cue we both let our dresses slip off us. We had just about the same taste in lingerie, bother wearing demi bras and lace boy shorts. It was then that Will joined us on the bed, taking turns removing the rest of our clothing. When I left that morning for the concert, the last place I thought I would be was in a bed, naked, with Kim. She had a beautiful body, a small, but rounded ass, what I would judge to be 36C tits, red lush lips, and, like me, a shaved pussy. In turn I’m she was checking me out. Now Will was naked too, and obviously ready for action. The sight of that hard dick was enough to get me soaking wet. I don’t care what they say about groupies, when I see that stiff cock, at attention for me, I’m proud to be on his list. His shaved balls were always handsome too.

“Deb we’re going to have to show your friend here how to have a really good time”, Will said as I nodded.

From then on things seemed so natural, no problems, no self-awareness, just play, the kind of play I truly enjoy. Will leaned down and kissed me, moved to my neck, and soon to my tits, sucking on each nipple, grabbing them with his teeth, pulling, making them harder, making me moan in delight, and making my pussy ache. I could feel his thick cock growing and twitching against my belly. I not only wanted to have fun, but I wanted to be sure that Will and Kim did too.
So very selflessly, I said to Kim “you’ve got to taste that cock, it’s the best you’ll ever have, promise”.

Will suggested that I get a taste of Kim’s pussy. Sounded it good to me, Kim didn’t have a problem so as she got on her hands and knees and began to feast on Will’s cock I got behind her, admiring that ass and pussy again. Spreading her cheeks, I began teasing her as my tongue explored her ass. She moaned out, at least as well as she could with that much cock in her face. It turned me on just to hear her slurping and sucking on Will.
As Will picked up the pace fucking her mouth, I tickled her ass more with my tongue, finally working my way down her slit until I hit her tight wet hole.

Now it was my turn to slurp, not on Will, but on Kim. I gently spread her lips, pink and luscious. I lapped up and down her slit, teasing her, making her clit swell more, so it absolutely needed me when I got to it. First, I plunged my tongue into her hot pussy, exploring all it’s nooks, the velvety walls, and drank in her juices. Will watched as best he could and then he wanted her and said so.

Kim let Will fall from her mouth, he lay on the bed and pulled Kim’s juicy cunt onto his face. It gave me a chance to taste his balls, they were my favorite. The feel of his smooth nuts rolling over my tongue drove me to heaven, I moaned out my pleasure as Kim did, close to cumming on his face. I’m not surprised that she came quickly; I have had the pleasure, many times, of Will’s tongue on my pussy. He’s the best I know when it comes treating my clit right. He knows how to use his tongue by deftly circling and sucking on it in between allowing his tongue explore the entire length of my wet slit.

Once I got Will’s cock wet again with a mixture of my saliva and his pre-cum I got up and sat on it, pushing my throbbing pussy onto that hard man meat. Kim and I were now facing each other, delighting in each other’s pleasure, Kim feeding Will and me his personal fuck-hammer. Kim leaned into me, kissed me, and began to squeeze my tits. No one can touch me like another woman; it’s not better than a man, just different, more knowing. As she bent to suckle me her pussy was lifted off Will’s face and he moved her off while I slowly let him out of my warm tight wetness.

“I want to cum on your ass this time Debbie”, it was a rare request, but since I didn’t care where that cock went, I got on my hands and knees and presented to him my rounded ass.

“You know how I like it”, I reminded him.

Kim had been fairly quite, except for her passionate moans, but this time she said something, “My friend, I want your face between my thighs”.
She positioned herself on a pillow in front of me.

Will mounted me from the back, groaning as his thick cock spread my asshole, then slipped inside me easily. As he started to thrust, moaning even more, my face went into Kim’s cunt. Each thrust drove me between her warm thighs and I lapped at her pussy, nibbled on her clit, finally with one of the harder thrusts, dove into her hole one more time, fucking it with my tongue as my nose rubbed her clit. Whenever my tongue hit her flesh Kim moaned in ecstasy. I grabbed at her tits as I dove in and tugged at her hard nipples. It was then that Will put his hand underneath me and gently slapped on my swollen love nib. I was still working on Kim, soon she practically screamed out when she spasmed and came, and came hard, on my face. Her pussy was sweet and I drank her up. She turned then, no more quiet Kim.

“Debbie, you damn slut” she screamed at me.
I was utterly stunned and just smiled at her.

Will agreed and began to spank me, that was our signal that he was getting close to cumming.
“That’s it whore, take it, take the cock up your ass and the spanking you deserve”. , Kim said in a filthy tone.

She was right though; I liked being spanked with cock in my ass. It reminded me what a bad girl I was being. What a whore I was, and always will be. As Will got closer his spanking got harder. By now Kim’s hand slide between my arms and telling me she wanted to feel my tits again, she twisted then sucked on them, then licked all over them. Between that and Will’s clit play I came, moaning out.

“Fuck yes bitch”, Will moaned as he drove deep, screwing his cock into my ass, pulling out quickly and cumming all over my ass cheeks.

He pulled away demanding that Kim clean me up. I stayed where I was. Kim moved around to my backside and did just that, ate Will’s hot goo right off the mounds of my ass.
Satisfied, at least for now, and with a smile on his face, Will said “Rest up ladies, it won’t me too long until I’ll need you again”.

“Debbie, I still haven’t had a chance to eat your pussy, and Kim I’d like to feel your pussy hugging my dick, and that’s just for starters girls”.

Kim and I decided on taking showers, promising Will we’d be right back.
I knew that by the time the night was through I would be many things: more than sated, used up, aching, and always aware that there was another girl, in another city, just like me, but for now I felt special.
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