Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Debbie Does You #6 - The Stranger (Part I)

This DDU is interesting because it’s from two people that have integrated each other’s fantasy and asked for one story.  I hope the both of you get ‘pleasure’ from this one.

It was a Saturday night and Jennifer was lonely.  She had been alone for some time now, having a bad break-up with her boyfriend six months ago.  They had been together for two years and now it seemed as though no man wanted anything to do with her, let alone wanted to touch her.
Tonight Jennifer decided things would be different.  There was a small, but respectable bar not too far from her apartment and she was determined to feel sexy and get out there tonight!
‘Nothing makes a girl feel sexy like lingerie does’, Jen thought to herself as she chose her favorite black panties and matching demi-bra.  To really make things feel special, she dug out her garter belt and slide into real black silk stockings. Jen took a moment to admire herself in the full length mirror and smiled.  Then she slipped easily into her deep red dress, with a small black paisley-like pattern, that flattered all of her curves.  Finally, she grabbed the small purse with all her essentials for the evening and headed out into the night.

That night the bar had a live jazz band, which pleasantly surprised Jen.  She sat down at a small round table at the bar and gave the cocktail waitress her order.  Jen loved tequila and had recently been introduced to a cocktail she loved, “a horny bull”, she said with a smile.  It’s just tequila and orange juice, but it was so good!

It only took a couple of those cocktails to mellow out Jennifer and have her swaying to the music.  Yes, she was still alone, but at least it felt a little better to be out in a crowd.  At one point she looked up from the peanut mix she was nibbling on to see a man at the bar looking at her.  Smiling at her! She politely smiled back, dropped her eyes, and went back to enjoying her snack and the music. 

Jen surprised herself, she had always been comfortable around men, but she wasn’t her usual confident self. The next time she looked up, he was at her table, two drinks in his hands, calmly saying, “Is this drink really called a Horny Bull”? 
Jen smiled and nodded, “It’s better than a horny cow”.  They both laughed. 
He sat down and they began to size each other up.  He was handsome and seemed to be in good shape.  There was something about his eyes that were especially sexy and Jen could easily fall into them. 
The usual small talk started up, “what do you do and where do you work?”, “Do you like jazz”, and then came the “What are you doing here” question from him.
By now Jen had four tequilas and was becoming the woman she used to know.
“I’m here for the Horny Bulls, of course”, she said as she hoisted her cocktail, tipped her head towards him and smile a more impish smile than before.
“Well with me sitting here, you must be having a double”, he replied.

Now the conversation was turning to the word play of innuendo and double-entrende.  Jennifer enjoyed this part of the process; she liked to flirt and was good at it.  It invariably got her what she wanted and what she wanted now, what she needed, was this guy’s cock.

“How about we get out of here, I know a nice secluded spot, do you trust me?”, he finally said.

Jen paused, but figured the guys in this bar were fairly decent,
“Yes, at least for now I do”.

Jennifer was a bit of an exhibitionist so the suggestion was especially inviting.  Her pussy tingled and this time there wasn’t a vibrator in her hand.
It was a clear dark summer evening and they didn’t have to go too far.  There was a local fair in town and he pulled into the gravel parking lot.  He had rubbed on Jen’s thigh during the short trip and she was already looking forward to an adventure.
When she got out of the car, he held her hand and he led her with a certain assurance towards the game booths.  There was a certain eeriness; it smelled like a mixture of funnel cakes, grease, and grass.  There were a few lamp posts that were still lit and some of the smaller neon signs stayed on all night were glowing.  They found the perfect booth, it was one that gave away big stuffed toys as prizes and they were all piled up behind it.
“What do you think?”, he asked her.
“Looks like it could be fun here.”, Jennifer answered.

He kissed her, Jen thinking ‘finally’.  Their tongues danced together.  He was definitely a good kisser and Jen wanted to know what else he could do well.  He gently pushed her onto the giant pink teddy bears and laid down next her.  He deftly unzipped the back of her dress and Jen noticed a bulge start to grow in his pants. 

It had been so long that she was glad to know she could still have that kind of effect on a man…

We'll see all the effects they have on each other in Part Two.

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