Thursday, September 8, 2011

Debbie Does You #6-The Stranger (Part II)

Be sure read how these strangers met in Part One

Once her dress was loose Jen thought about how glad she was that she was wearing her favorite lingerie.  She hoped he liked it too.  Jen’s hand moved to touch the bulge in his pants; the feel of a warm, hard cock was so exciting!

“Take your dress off for me”, he deeply whispered and Jen obeyed.  The dress slipped to her feet in a silken pile and she started to take her high heels off.

“No leave them on, you look so good like that, you’re perfect”

His hands ran up and down Jen’s stockings.  Pausing at her inner thighs, teasing her.  The mixture of the evening’s breeze and her excitement had hardened Jen’s nipples so that they looked like little pink erasers as they pushed through the loosely woven lace of her bra.  The stiffening cock in front of her looked increasingly like it needed release and Jen obliged, undoing his belt buckle and unzipping the fly.  A cock a full attention jumped out at Jen and her pussy dampened even more.  A moan filled the air as Jen helped him out of his pants.

 “I wanted to fuck you since I handed you that Horny Bull”, he told her.

 “I need cock so badly I ache”, Jen replied.

He told her how much he liked the lingerie and kissed her, working his way from her mouth and soft lips to her neck.  He nuzzled in between her tits, moaning softly on to her smooth skin.  The demi-bra made a perfect shelf for her 40D tits and he pulled them up and over the wire.  Then Jen felt one of her most favorite feelings, the nibbling of her nipples.  Now she was wet, now her pussy was going to need attention, the attention of a good man.  He lifted his face from her tits and looking at her hopefully said, “Can you take the panties off and leave the stockings and bra on?”

 “Your wish is my command”, Jen said dutifully. 

She played with the garter a bit and slowly pulled her black lace panties off as she stared him right in the eye.  Jen stepped out of them, picked them up and wrapped them around his cock.  He sighed then admired her trimmed bush.  Jen didn’t shave everything off, but left a 'landing strip', just for fun.

“You look good enough to eat”, he said as laid straight on his back.
“Sit on my face, and let me taste that pussy”, he demanded.

She took a deep breath and prepared herself for the sensation, then squatted over his mouth, putting her arms behind her, she steadied herself on his chest and felt heaven.  Heaven now was a man’s tongue exploring her clit, licking little circles around it, then sucking.  Oh god, the wonderful feeling.  Real men eat pussy, and good men do it well.  This was great and she moaned her sighs of pleasures.  His tongue ran down her wet slit and found the tight hole that needed his attention.  Pushing his tongue through her swollen lips, he began to explore the wet soft walls of her pussy.

“Oh fuck, I’ll cum if you keep doing this”, she moaned out in the darkness. 

He took hold of her hips and darted his tongue in and out of her, faster, pushing his nose against her clit.  Tonight Jen wasn’t going to hold back, screams escaped as she came quick and hard.  He pushed her up and off his face and Jen could see his lips glistening with her juices.  He massaged her legs again, obviously obsessed with the silk stockings, but that was fine with Jen. 

“I need to fuck you Jen”, he said sternly. 

Soon she was on her hands and knees, bent over the big pink teddy bear they had been laying on.  He positioned himself behind her, but didn’t enter her yet.  Leaning over he kissed her back, and grabbed her tits, whispering in her ear,
“You’ve got great tits, and a great ass, and I can’t wait to be inside your great pussy”. 

His kisses and nibbles went back down her until he reached her rounded ass cheeks that were ideally framed with her garter belt and stockings.  He nibbled on those cheeks as he fingered her ass.  This time it was groans that filled the air and Jen began to feel like a wild and free animal, being in the outdoors, having great sex, and feeling like a woman again.

“mmmmm….fuck me now”, Jen pleaded.

The next sensation was that of a tease, the feeling of a cock head running down her slit, making it wetter, and making her beg for more.

“Take it all”, he said as he slammed his cock inside her, she lifted her head as he groaned out, Jen gasped, but not because of the feeling of cock inside her again.

She saw a shadow.  A shadow in the tent nearby.  The outline was obviously that of a man, a man whose dick was resting in the palm of his hand and he was slowly jerking off.  My god!  He had been watching them!  Horrified at first and then turned on, Jen pushed back hard onto that fine cock that was fucking her, trying to pick up the pace.  He grabbed her shoulders and slowed her down.  There was movement in the shadow and the glows around it.  He was coming towards them.  “Stop” she cried out.

“Is there something wrong baby?”, he gently asked.

Jen explained she thought they had a spectator and told him to keep on the look out for him.  Turns out he was just as turned on at the prospect of being part of a sex show and told her not to worry.  Jen couldn’t see, but he had caught the eye of the man and motioned him towards them. 
Jen soon felt the engine of that hard cock slowly starting up again and taking her tight cunt for a ride.  She turned inward, into her body, into her womanhood, into her freedom, then relaxed and enjoyed the ride.  She not only enjoyed how good sex made her feel, but she reveled in the ability to make a man feel that good too.  It took her to another plane when it was this good. 
She was rudely awakened from all this with, “What’s going on here?” and the shine of a flashlight in her face.
She yelled and felt the cock pull out of her.  Then there were threats of calling the police; after all, he was only a security guard. 

“This is fine pussy, how about you have some and we forget all about this”.
“Hey wait”, Jen said as she turned around to look at them, “Don’t I get a say in this?”. 
“Who are you why are you here?”, Jen insisted on knowing.
“I’m the security guard here, you can just call me Billy”, he explained as he unzipped his fly, “What do you think, could you use another honey?”

It was a fine thick cock and it was popping out of a uniform.  Jen hadn’t been part of a threesome since she was in college.
“The more the merrier”, she said giving in.

Her pal from the bar said, “Let’s switch places” and came to the front, the front of Jen’s face.  She could smell her juices on his cock and instinctively opened her mouth.  Billy didn’t wait at all and stretched her cunt with his thick cock almost immediately.  He went into her with such power that she was forced onto the cock in front of her face.

“Suck  me” is all she needed to hear.  Jen began to suck her own juices off his hard cock while getting fucked harder and harder from behind.
The cry, groans, moans, and whimpers of great sex began to float over the booths and tents along with the fog.  Jen had started to cum, the taste of cock in her face and the feel of it in her pussy being too much for her to stand.  Her sucking was working wonders on the cock that was fucking her face and she felt the jerk of a trigger about to go off. 
He jammed his cock far down her throat as started to cum, “Ohhhhhh, yea..mmmm”
Jen drank the milky goo and got drunk on it.

However, a new sensation was moving across her body.  A cool hard feeling over her ass.  Jen turned to look behind her to see Billy with his nightstick and he was moving it onto her asshole.  He wasn’t quite entering her ass with it, but he was getting close.  He picked up the pace, teasing Jen’s ass with the nightstick, it was hard and cool.  He was more gruff with her, not gentle as it was before. 

“Bitch, you ready to be my cum slut?”, he asked her, then began to smack he ass with the nightstick.  She liked it and as he bucked hard on her, she came along with him.

Jen collapsed on the teddy bear, listening to two zippers closing back up.  When she lifted her head up again, Billy was gone. 

“It’s late honey, we should get you home”, he said as he gave her the now wrinkled soiled dress, it looked a little how Jen felt.  Jen felt good, but a bit used up, now she looked forward to a warm bath.

When they got to the bar’s parking lot, it was empty except for her car.
“It was great Jen, are you all right?”
“Oh yes, I’m great”, she answered.
He held the car door open for her; she climbed in, started the engine, smiled at him, and drove away, waving as she did.

In five minutes, she was home and she was tired.  As she got out of her clothing to take that bath she desired, she thought back to when she first met him that night, saying to herself, 'I really did get a double Horny Bull'.Jen began to draw her bath and by the time she was stepping into it she said aloud, “I never got his name!”


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