Sunday, September 25, 2011

Debbie Does You #8 - Two Holes For a Bad Boy

I've gotten many Debbie Does You requests over the past month or two.  Here's another one from a client of mine in Viva Ponata.  He's a very bad boy so I hope he enjoys it.

As I sat in my living room the other evening, I couldn’t stop thinking about my long-term friendship with Brandon.  Our friendship had evolved into what’s called these days as ‘friends with benefits’.
All I’m sure of is that having sex with Brandon for the first time last month was fantastic and I think it relieved a lot of tension that had been building for five years.  Neither of us is currently attached, so we aren’t hurting any partners.

Brandon had called earlier in the week to set up tonight’s dinner date.  It was the first time we were going out to a nice place.  Most of our time was spent at one or the other’s apartment, Starbuck’s, or the local deli.  Brandon actually made specific requests for what he wanted me to wear, that was different, but exciting.
Starting from the inside out, he asked that I wear my black and red shelf bra.  He had told before that he loved the way it showed off my tits, he especially liked my nipples and with that bra, they were right there and ripe for the taking.  I couldn’t fulfill his panty request so he bought them for me.  They were sent to me two days ago, a pair of pale pink fishnet open ass panties.  They looked as though they would be uncomfortable, but as I put them on, they weren’t too bad.

The dress request was easier; wear a dress above the knee and with a scoop or V-neck.  I chose a nice dress that fit his requirements and wasn’t too tight across the bust.  I didn’t want my nipples saying ‘hello’ to every man there.  The jewelry I wore was modest.
I heard the doorbell ring just as I was straightening out my stockings. Brandon looked great standing at the door.  We headed out into the evening.  We enjoyed our dinner at the intimate restaurant Brandon decided on.  We talked, enjoyed the wine, and savored the meal from our tuna tartar appetizers to the strawberry sundae we shared.  I think the both of us were thinking the same thing throughout dinner; ‘I’m eating so I have enough energy to fuck the hell out of you later’.

When we left, we went to Brandon’s apartment.  As soon as he closed and locked the door, he threw me against it, pushing the familiar bulge in his pants against me as he pulled my arms above my head and pinned them there.  If that didn’t take my breath away, the way he deeply kissed me sure did.

“I love the dress, now show me that you paid attention to what I wanted underneath”, Brandon said
Taking my hand, he lead me to the living room.  He sat on the couch and asked for a ‘fashion show’. 
“Strip, show me”, he said firmly

I unzipped my dress and took it off.  He nodded saying, “Ah you did listen, good”.
He unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out of his pants then started to stroke it slowly. That was the prompt for me to come closer to him.  I watched him looking at my tits and smiling so I moved enough to make them bounce on my bra.  I could feel my nipples harden as I watched him stroke his dick.

“Now turn around, let’s see the backside of those panties”
I turned around on my toes and wiggled my ass at him.
“Everything is perfect Debbie, especially the way those panties show off your butt”, he said happily.

Standing up his cock bounced along with him as he took me to the bedroom so we could be more comfortable.
We started to kiss and fell onto the bed; it was then that Brandon quickly took off all his clothes.  He is a handsome man.  I just wanted to fuck him the moment I saw him naked!  I wanted him to fuck the hell out of me!  He kneeled beside me and squeezed my tits, then dived into them, kissing, licking, and sucking them, my nipples were so sensitive and my pussy was getting juicy.  He dipped his fingers into my cunt to finger fuck me and coat my clit with my wetness before playing with it.  Even though we had only been fucking for about a month he knew what happened when he played with me like this, especially when he tugged on my nipples.

“Go ahead Debbie, you can have just a taste”, he teased as he stood next to the bed.
I went ahead, dropped my head over the side of the bed, and opened my mouth.  Brandon pushed his cock over my tongue, through my lips and into my face quickly. 

“Tonight I need this cock soaked with your spit”, he told me as he easily and slowly moved in and out of my mouth.  I wasn’t sure what he meant, but it didn’t really matter now.

His cock was hot and I could sense it thickening in my mouth.  It throbbed more.  It was stiffer.  Brandon made this a short suck and pulled out of me.  He was so hard and his cock was covered with my drool.
He asked me roll over on my stomach and make myself comfortable as he climbed on the bed with me.  I felt his hand spread my thighs apart from behind and lifted me up enough that he could play with my pussy. 

“Those are great panties Deb,” he said as he spread my juices from my pussy up to my asshole and played with it.
It made me wiggle my ass again.  He kneeled behind me and licked at those juices that now flavored my tight little hole.  Spreading my cheeks he shoved his tongue into my asshole as a finger went up my pussy, then he fingered my asshole, I moaned; the two sensations were taking over me.

He stopped and whispered in my ear, “Be my filthy whore tonight Debbie, and let me fuck your ass with my cock, the cock you drooled all over”.

We hadn’t gone there yet, but I was so glad he asked.  I lifted my rounded cheeks way up in the air. Next, I reached my hands behind myself, and spread my ass cheeks holding my tight ass open for him.  I figured it was the only reply he needed and I knew I was right when I heard from behind me, “That’s so fucking hot!”

Brandon’s hot hard cock slowly started to split my ass; I relaxed as he pushed into my asshole, going deeper and deeper inside me.  Groaning as he did.  His cock is so thick that at first it felt although he was going to rip me apart, but I knew how good it felt for him and once I relaxed a bit more it was more comfortable, more of a turn on.  Then he started his slow strokes, fucking my ass.  He took over by taking my cheeks and massaging them as he fucked me. 

“Oh fuck, you’re so dirty Debbie”, he moaned out, as he not only picked up the pace, but started spanking me.
That was even more of a turn on and now I was the one moaning.  We haven’t started exploring many of our kinks yet and he didn’t know about my affinity for discipline, bondage or submission, but we had plenty of time for all that.  We got into our fuck rhythm, rocking, our bodies pleasuring each other.  He was playing with my pussy now, slapping my clit, fingering me, almost driving me over the edge.

“Debbie, tell me that you want me to fill up your ass with my cum”, he moaned and I could tell he was holding back until I answered.

“Yes, yes you bad boy, fill up your dirty girl’s ass”, I replied.  Brandon then did just that, jerking and groaning as he came, heating me up from the inside.

Brandon is a thoughtful lover, he slowly came out of me, and then spread my thighs farther apart to get under me and finish me off by fucking my pussy with his tongue.  I especially liked the expertise he had with wrapping his tongue around my clit over and over again.  It didn’t take long until I was the one moaning and squirting on him.

We lay together as our breathing slowed and we became more composed.  It was off to the shower after that because we both wanted more after cleaning up and relaxing in the living room with an after Debbie, oh I mean dinner, drink.

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SexToyRick said...

Sexy and Hott Post:) You Leave me Throbbing :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story. I get just as much pleasure as my fans do from writing it. Keep enjoying and don't forget if you want to show just how much you enjoy a post, just send in a CBW submission.