Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In Control

The following mantra is from something CJ got on
It's an interesting take on the woman's view of the blowjob, and it's one I must say I agree with for the most part.
Enjoy all (especially you

In this world of anger, manipulation, doubt and power plays, the blowjob can represent to the strong, cerebral, sexual women a way to regain an element of control, even momentarily.

No matter who is giving me stress at that moment, I'm taking it out my own way. To have a sexy man prone beneath me, the embodiment of his ego itself in my mouth, trusting me that I will not bite and will only do those things he finds pleasurable, puts the reins of power back into my hands.

You look down into my eyes and see lust ... but a lust fueled by frustration and helplessness now cast aside for ten or fifteen minutes. I control the pace. I control the outcome. I know you're enjoying my skills from the way you're thrusting into me; your hands running through my hair, watching my lips embrace your dick.

I am hearing nothing but compliments to me and my abilities and I know that you will climax when I want you to, where I want you to, not before, and not afterwards. The rest of the sexual act is mutual, even submissive on my part, and I'm not interested in that right now.
When I'm done, I have a sense of heady accomplishment along with a creamy snack and very wet panties. I also have the gratification of seeing you spent and your composure lost, all by my doing.
The sense of power continues when I do not subject myself to you for my pleasure but walk out the door and take that into my own hands as well. The irony is that while you think you got away with something, I feel that same sneaky thrill in duplicate. The tension I felt walking into your door has now released in euphoria. My day has turned around and I'm back in control.

You know who you are. If this 10 AM meeting leaves me wanting something which I will have to wait to find out whether I can have, I am going to have to release that frustration.
I may just send you a text asking if I can swing by and suck your cock. That is all I'll want, to be on my knees in my suit and thigh-high pantyhose on your dining room floor, where you sit right now reading this, taking my sense of control back from the universe.
Then I'll better be able to await an answer because I'll know that there are other ways I still have power over getting the results I want. My request isn't for you, it's for me. But it's a win-win ... how could you turn me down?


Kayten said...

Thanks for the credit, Debbie. And hello to some of my old readers from when I used to have a sex life to blog about! Although I didn't happen to get my afternoon wish yesterday, another craigslist reader emailed me to let me know I inspired her to have her way with her man! Good reading!

Cosmic Girl said...

That's exactly it for me! Well said kayten!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

turn you down?
oh my, no.
just remember though . . .
when i want to go down on you . . .