Sunday, November 5, 2006

Saturday Night's Alright For:

Sorry folks, things got so passionate and intense last night that we didn't even think about the camera and when we did afterwards we were sure that it would have ruined the moment if had stopped to take pictures. Therefore, I've included here a favorite picture of another couple to represent our fun last night.

Saturday night's are CJ's and my time to just chill out from the hectic week. This is exactly what we did. We watched a movie and were having a good time being together.

Then, as I was sitting next to him on the living room couch, very unexpectedly he turned to me and kissed me deeply, then lightened up as we explored each other's breath and faces in the loving way we have done over and over again, "knowing" each other again. Then he started up again, intensely focused on kissing and nibbling me. It was such a turn on I couldn't stop moaning out. I could feel my pussy dampen and contract, and my clit let loose as though it had a life of it's own. I can barely describe the aching and swelling I felt. I was wearing a t-shirt and capri pants, but no panties or bra.

Our kissing, nuzzling, biting, and nibbling session went on for a while; it was one of the longest teases I have had in a while from CJ. He eventually moved to pulling, twisting, and tweaking my nipples. This made all my aching intensify. It made me want to jam his cock anywhere inside me, and just start doing him the best way I knew how. As he played with me, he pulled his cock out through the fly in his sweat pants. You know how I love the look of a stiff dick escaping a man’s clothing. I licked my palm and fingers and began tugging on his cockhead.
I moved down a bit and started squeezing, twisting, and jerking him, just on the top half of his dick. He was so hot it felt as though there was hot metal in my hand.

It wasn’t too long after my playing with him caused his need to intensify, he laid down on the couch and pulled me towards him for what I thought was going to be another kiss, but instead he shoved my face into his crotch. I could feel the heat of his meat, I could smell his delicious cock, and I wanted the same thing he wanted: my mouth around all that hard man meat. I tried to start with just his cockhead, but he pushed my head down farther until I felt his cockhead hit first the roof of my mouth, then the back of my throat. He grabbed my hair on each side of my head and guided me up and down with it. Very quickly my saliva had coated him and I was easily sliding up and down his shaft. Being guided and thrust upon his dick like that along with taking him deep made me feel like suck a cock-sucking whore! I fucking loved it! CJ says I’m a not a whore at all, that I’m a cock-sucking slut because I do it for free and enjoy it so much. As his face fucking got faster I could hear him start to softly moan, “ahhh yes…mmmmm”. Hey, that’s what I’m there for and when I hear CJ enjoying it, it just makes it all perfect. I was moaning and sucking, slurping along the underside of his cock with my tongue; faster and faster, more and more, I just got too excited and had to come up for air. I was quaking the way I do when I get excited and CJ slowed me down for a bit.

He then pushed my pants and socks off me and quickly took his pants off. The sight of his rock hard cock and smooth tight balls made me want to start begging for it, but I knew I wouldn’t have to.
He stood up saying “How do you want it baby?”
I answered with, “If I could I would have two of you so I could feel your cock in my mouth and my pussy at the same time”
With that, he positioned me on the couch. I was on my knees with my head and arms resting on the back. In this position I could see myself in the mirrored Dining Room wall. He toyed with my wet hot slit from behind with his cockhead, and then slammed inside me. I let out a moan and turned into the bad, dirty girl he makes me when he fucks me this hard. My hot cunt hugged him tight as I turned and watched myself getting fucked like a bitch in heat. I always feel that way when I get it from behind. He began to spank my dirty girl ass and I just wanted more, I just wanted fucking more!
The more CJ pounded my steaming snatch the less I could stay in control; finally, I just gave in to it all. Screaming, moaning, wanting that cock to keep fucking me. CJ leaned over me and started whispering in my ear as he slid easily in and out of me:
“Do you know how much I love your pussy?”
“You have always been a fine fuck”
I could do nothing but thank him and let him know that he just brings out the best in me. CJ then thought I needed one of my calm down periods, like when I was sucking him, but I corrected him this time.
“I’m about to cum all over your cock”.
He started playing with my clit from underneath. I quivered the way I do, moaned out and proceeded to cum, and cum hard all around that prime cock that was impaling me.

Stage two then started, with me lying on the couch and him on top, good old missionary. He has a way of ‘stirring’ my pussy once he’s inside me and he started doing that. He started to make me feel bad again and now it was my turn to whisper in his ear:
“That’s it I can feel your cock all over my body, down to my toes”
“I can feel your balls slap me now, you want me to drain those balls?”
He answered, almost gasping for air with a soft, but sure "Yes".
All of this obviously got him going…fast and hard.

Oh baby, it was good last night (and technically into this morning).
When it was all over it took me a while to find my socks.
We’ve now broken in the Living Room of our new place; we figure the Guest Room is next.


Dee's Husband said...

Deb, I just love it when you take the time to write up an account like this. Thank you! (What can I say? I love knowing when you've gotten it and that it was so good!)


Midwestern City Boy said...

I want a Saturday night like yours! Reading this made me feel like I should be on the couch in the living room next to California Girl.

Naughty Seductions said...

Very hot. Nothing beats a good, hard fucking.

Anonymous said... know we aim to please, glad you enjoyed.

MCB...hope you get next to CG soon, I can always see how much you love each other.

Naughty...I second that emotion, as you can tell.

woodinhand said...

Steamy, yummy. . .

Wife sits across the room reading. Think I have someone to attend to *wink*