Sunday, November 26, 2006

More Advantages

I hope that everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend.
CJ and I enjoyed our time together and the time with the family.
While I am working on a couple of projects for the blog I thought I would list here some more advantages to sex. If you need some reminders of other advantages I've posted, check it out here.

These are from the November 20th edition of First magazine.

According to study after study, making love improves your health.

Dramatic Reduction In Tension...
Inhaling male pheromones triggers the release of estrogen in a woman. This helps ease PMS, enhances mood, and promotes relaxation.

Increased Resilience To Colds and Flu...
Individuals who had sex at least twice a week showed 30 percent higher levels of immune boosting antibodies.

Natural Pain Reliever...
Post orgasm, the level of the hormone oxytocin soars to five times its normal level, triggering the release of feel good endorphins that help elevate your pain threshold.

Effortless Slimming...
Just one rigorous bout of sex burns 200 calories, the same as running for 15 minutes. Plus it works the pelvis, thighs, and arms and boosts testosterone, which tones muscles.

Just fantasizing about sex eases stress.
People who imagined sexual activities withstood stressful situations twice as long and reported lower levels of anxiety than their less imaginative counterparts, according to a recent study.
At least that's where I hope Dirty Debbie and CJ help you humble readers a bit.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. I hardly need more advantages other than the obvious one, (ooh ooh baby baby yes baby YES)- but perhaps I can now justify an insatiable appetite.

Anonymous said...

Always nice to have a good excuse!


Anonymous said...

Its good to know, I still want load of it ;)

The Teacher said...

Increased Resilience To Colds and Flu...Individuals who had sex at least twice a week showed 30 percent higher levels of immune boosting antibodies.

This seems to work for my husband, but when you are a teacher it seems that I get every illness that goes around that school.

The pain and tension relief is a proven fact in our relationship.