Friday, March 9, 2007

Butter and Rope - Part One

Part One
This story is one that was inspired from a combination of two chats over the course of a week.

Mr. W and I set up a fantasy scenario, the fact that we lived near each other in the same condo.
One evening he gave me call; he needed a cup of sugar and was asking to borrow some from me.
There was a knock on my door within 2 minutes. Funny, even though I was expecting him, my body still shuddered when I heard the sharp knock.
I knew who it was and I knew it was somebody I wanted, in the worst way.
I instinctively looked out the peephole and there stood Mr. W., looking very anxious.
I answered the door, only wearing the bottoms of my long, red, silk pajamas.
I invited him in immediately once the door closed, his jaw dropped and he nervously said:
“I don’t have much time, my wife is waiting”. He was speaking to my hard nipples, not my eyes, but I didn’t care. I was getting the hoped for response.
“I’ll make it fast”, I said to him as I took off my pajama bottoms and squatted in front of him. I unzipped his pants and grabbed at his already stiff cock, pulling it into the light and for me to admire.
No pauses, no teases, I finger my clit as I sucked Mr. W deep into my mouth.
He just stood there and moaned out in mind-blowing pleasure.
This time it was all about him, I wanted it that way, he needed it that way.
His hands grabbed at the thick dark strands of my hair as I began to swallow him up. Soon he was pushing my face to the base of his cock. This quickly caused his balls to rest against my chin.
“Suck it off babe, just suck it off”, he groaned.
My head started bobbing on his rock hard hot dick, sucking and gulping at it.
I tickled at my clit faster as I felt him grow even thicker against the inside of my cheeks.
“OH Deb I want to cum on your whore face”, Mr. W moaned out as he pulled his cock out of me loving mouth. By now I was outright fingering my wet cunt.
“On your knees bitch”, he commanded. I quickly pulled my fingers out of myself and dropped to my knees.
He vigorously jerked off pointing his cockhead right towards my face.
A few grunts and the spray of white-hot goo was landing on my lips, cheeks, eyes, and hair.
He must have emptied every single drop in his tight sack onto me.
“I have to get home Debbie”, he said as he zipped up.
I got his sugar for him.
“Maybe tomorrow I’ll need a stick of butter”, he said impishly.


Alfie said...

What a story! What a picture!

Just a toy said...

I see you know what you like.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I think I need a cup of flour. ;)