Saturday, March 10, 2007

Butter and Rope - Part Two

Part Two
This story is one that was inspired from a combination of two chats over the course of a week. So, check out Part One first.

The next time I encountered my lover online I had just received my bath time bunny and I told him about my new arrival. He told me that he would get me all ready for my new toy.

“I need a stick of butter”, he said
He told me that he owed me one and that he was at my door again because he was making cookies and now needed a stick of butter. He promised to share.
He also let me know that this time he had much more time; his wife was away for now.
I had no qualms about telling him that I needed his cock, badly. He was nice enough to tell me that it had gotten that way from looking at pictures of my wet pussy on my website.
I told him that here was something I had been thinking about doing with him lately, but didn’t know if I should let me know.
He told me to go ahead, that it would be all right.
I told him that I was becoming obsessed with the idea of him forcing me to suck and fuck his cock.
He fell into the whole idea so quickly I didn’t wonder if he had been having the same fantasy all along.
He told me that I shouldn’t have resisted his initial advances and kisses before. And now something had to be done about it.
I explained that I had only done that because of my guilt from the previous time. I was worried that my husband would find out.
He started giving me instructions, telling me to shut up and listen to what he was demanding.
He came towards me and came close to plain tearing me clothes off me.
“Your arms behind your back, now!”, he barked at me.
I do as he says and Mr. W pushes me onto my knees.
I turned my head to avoid his glare as he told me that my husband would find out what a slut I am.
He unzipped his pants, my eyes turned instinctively to him and widen at the site of his cock popping out of his pants.
I know I’m being bad. I know I shouldn’t notice, but I can’t help it. I just had to blow him. I could smell his musk and lean over to drool on his dick, literally. I spit on his cock, but he pushed me away. My tits pushed out far because Mr. W was behind me tying my hands behind my back.
When done he comments on how long my nipples are and toys with them.
The feel of the restraints and the site of hard cock were really turning me on.
My thoughts are brought back to my reality with a very hard twisting of my nipples. I was purely his plaything. I couldn’t move.
“You’re going to deep throat my cock woman”, he said almost triumphantly.
“No” I moaned out, refusing.
“I will fuck your mouth bitch”, he demanded again.
“No I can’t suck you, I shouldn’t”, I replied pleading with my capture.
He grabbed my hair and forced my lips open, gates for him, for the meal he was about to feed me. He instructed me not to bite, and I answered with a whimper of
“No sir, I won’t bite”
He pushes his cock slowly down my velvety channel. I succumb to my nature and start sucking, slobbering, and lapping at his fine cock. I make his cock just plain sloppy.
All of a sudden he was three-quarters of the way in and I gagged. I apologized,
“I wasn’t ready sir”
“Take it bitch”, he yelled at me.
I suck harder, my cheeks becoming concave as he fucked my face, in and out rapidly.
I was stuck and all I could do was suck, moaning as he used my face as his fuck hole.
As my tits started bouncing with the thrusts, he shoves his cock almost all the way down my throat.
He grabbed at my nipples and tugged hard, of course making my pussy seem to swell and forcing me to moan and hum on his dick. He pumps me deep and goes into a full-fledged face fuck. I just look up at him as I keep eating his meat. My lips thick and red.
I’ve masterfully taken him all in and all Mr. W can see now are his sensitive balls and they are resting on my chin.
He kept at my tits, twisting, twisting harder. My snatch was steaming and wet.
“Suck my cock, keep sucking honey”, he groaned out.

Then he changed his mind, telling me that he wanted some ‘lady juice’ on his cock.
He pushes me onto the floor, my face to the floor, my hands still tied, and my ass in the air. My pussy soaking, exposed, there just for him.
“Ohh look at that target, bitch!”, he exclaimed
I turn my face to the side and try to see.
Next I feel a quick lick on my swollen puffy pussy lips and shudder and moan out.
“You surprised me sir, thank you”
All the anticipation and cocksucking had brought me to the brink and the licks made me ache to cum.
His tongue plunged into my hot love hole and explores every crevice of my cunt.
My wrists twist against bondage.
Before I have a chance to take another breath Mr. W delved to the depths of my pussy with his rock hard cock at the same time telling me how my husband isn’t going to like what he’s doing to me.
“Smack my bad ass, smack me while you fuck me”, I pleaded.
He complied and spanked me until my cheeks were red. It was to his benefit too; with each slap, my pussy hugged his dick.
He pulled out of me and turned me around again, on my knees, facing him.
“Suck now, you’re my sex slave pig”, he commanded.
“Yes sir, that’s right, I forgot I’m your cock pig”, I answered
I took him back into my mouth, but this time I could taste my tangy juices on him.
One of my tits is the next part of body to receive attention. As he slams harder into my mouth one hands slides up to a happy tittie. His caress are the opposite of his what his cock is doing to my mouth, they are gentle, sending sensations from my nipples to my stomach. He tells me how my big tits are warm and heavy in his hand, going on to tell me that I am his pig, his tramp. I nod my head in answer to his curses.
He twists at my nipple and I take him deep into my throat and moan on him.
Now he tells me that he needs to release and I can taste his salty precum as it hits my tongue.
He asks me where I want him to spray me this time.
“Push me down on my face again”, I replied.

Finish it up with me in Part Three.


Midwestern City Boy said...

Waiting anxiously for part three.

Question: Do the people that you cyber with read your blog our do you keep the two worlds separate.

Anonymous said...

MCB: The people I chat with privatly always know about my sexblog. If I'm chatting with someone (or several as you'll in some upcoming posts) sometimes I get the chance to tell them about the blog and other times not. I make them away that this is used as 'inspiration' for my erotica. I know for sure of three people that read this blog that I cyber with too.

Selena Kitt said...

Great entry into FF :)

Slutty Wife said...

Bondage and blowjobs. I can't imagine a finer neighbor.