Monday, March 26, 2007

=====On Sabbatical=====

As you have no doubt noticed lately my writing has fallen off quite a bit.
I have had writer's block before, but this is different. As i have mentioned before, the brain is the largest sex organ.
At this moment in my life that organ just isn't in the groove. I thought the cybersex/chat would help, but it hasn't. I think it's because it has nothing to do with creativity, it's not truly from me.
I am by no means abandoning the blog.
I will still post TTT and CBW, and maybe the occasional HNT. Perhaps CJ will have something to say from time to time. He has also suggested I do a 'Best Of' every so often.

Finally, it's hard to describe or explain where my mind is right now. I think there's too much analysis going on and it's preventing a free flow of ideas.
When I am not as 'self-conscious' I think my work will flow, be well written, and have more body to it.


The Biker said...

I hope your writers block comes to an end and that you get your gusto back, your groove thing ;)

Holy Visile said...

I just found this blog. :(
-The Holiest

ArtfulDodger said...

Deb - I wouldn't sweat it too much. It happens to us all from time to time, take a break and stop thinking about it and before long the desire and the drive will return. We'll be here. :)

Just a toy said...

I don't know where you get these ideas from.

Anonymous said...

Art and Biker..thanks for kind words, this time it's a bit more than just writer's block, but I'm working at it.
Art, I still have some tips about writer's block you sent me a while ago and it was helpful.

Holy...CJ has suggested that I do a "Best Of" every so often from my archives, so maybe you'll have more to read until I am back. I hope you stay with it here....thanks