Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Learning To Write, Again

Recently I have gotten very involved with a cybersex chat room.
When I first got onto the internet in the mid '90's I was fascinated by this form of mutual masturbation.
Now my involvement isn't only for my pleasure or satisfaction, but also because it helps me in the role as sexblogger.
When I cyber I like the man, or woman, to be able to keep up with me, I need things to move along because inevitably things are escalating.

The other night one man was watching my cyber antics with one of new "regulars". He actually asked me if I was a 'bot'. When I asked why he would say that he said that my responses were so quick. The virtual lover I was with defended my honor by explaining what a quick wit I had to our audience.

It hit me then that the cyber sessions I have now actually keep me sharpened in regards to my writing skills. Of course it has a wonderful bonus of orgasm.
But seriously folks when I write a story, whether it's truth or fiction for this site, I have plenty of time to write it, edit, rewrite, until it says things just the way I want it. When I cyber the pace is quicker the need is more urgent. I have to quickly think of new ways to say the same old things and I find a lot of fun in that.
Yeah, I guess now I have a new fetish, semantics.
It's probably just a phase or stage I'm going through now, but I think several of my upcoming stories will be based on experiences and learning in my new favorite chat room.
As always, I hope my readers will let me know their thoughts on all of it.


Anonymous said...

You must have a great library of dirty talk stored up in your brain now. Yes, please share!

The Player said...

well, if it's cyber sex with a webcam, i think i can better appreciate it...

Alfie said...

Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Being newly arrived at your blog, I am currently enjoying the thrill of reading your back postings. Wow!!

Anonymous said...

We haven't chatted in a while. Are you interested? Drop me a line and I may also send you some cbw pics.


Anonymous said...

DFP...luckily all my dirty talk is also stored in some special files on my computer. I am cutting and pasting some comments, etc from the sessions.

Player...of all the stuff I do I am still working on getting the nerve to run a webcam. I have an old one and would like to upgrade anyway.

dominichutson said...

Being the new "regular" in question I found this article particularly interesting. I have always felt that written communication was my favourite form since it gives me the chance to review and edit so that I can get my point across as concisely and eloquently as possible.

dominichutson said...

I only tried cybersex for the first time just under a week ago now. I admit I was taken aback by how stimulating and erotic it can be ( though for the most part alot of very boring and predictable commentry from the majority of users.) But apart from that I'm enjoying the challenge of having to think on my toes, and type one handed (for the obvious reason!)