Sunday, March 11, 2007

Butter and Rope - Part Three

Part Three
This story is one that was inspired from a combination of two chats over the course of a week. So, check out Part Two first.

Mr. W. makes sure that my face meets the floor in with one movement. My ass is forced up in the air and is vulnerable. His cock was so slippery from my slobbering that he easily pushes the head of his dick between my spread cheeks into my tight asshole. I moan out in surprise and again my guilt fills me up.
“No, Please no”, I cry out.
“I bet your husband doesn’t do this to you”, he answers.
“No, no only whores let men do their ass”, I whimper.
“Bitch that just get my dick harder for you, you will be a whore”, he screams at me.
“I’m so bad”, I say almost feeling like crying now.
Mr. W. doesn’t want me to feel bad and begins to rub my pussy.
His touch was magical and the world faded away once again. All that existed were two bodies, and pleasure.
He went ahead and described what my clit looked like as he played with it and slowly fucked my ass. He told me how she was sticking out, swollen beyond my inner lips. He drove his cock deeper into my rosebud asshole and I was driven closer to the edge, ready to cum.
“I want you to cum Debbie”, he barked in my ear.
I instructed him to shove my new rabbit up my dripping pussy. He rams it in my whore cunt as his cock continues to pump at my ass.
This time my moans and screams are in pleasure.
“Fuck baby, bounce those tits”, he groaned as he kept fingering my clit.
I soon squeeze against my vibrator, buck and strong waves of orgasm travel through my pussy.
“Fuck, yes”, I say as I revel in my orgasm.
At the same time, he fills my ass with the heat of a load of his cum.
My breathing is still heavy, but is slowed now, enough for me to ask:
“Untie me please”
Mr. W agrees but makes me promise to have less resistance to any of his advances from now on.
“Yes sir, of course, you made me cum hard”.
How could I resist a man that does that for me?
“Now don’t forget the butter”, he says chuckling
I tell him that I should have gotten the butter at the beginning of all this, then licked his sweet buttery cock.

We ended our evening back in reality and speaking of the special fun of bondage and spanking. I wanted to make sure he didn’t mind it. I explained I didn’t like too much pain, but especially enjoyed being forced and tied up. Mr. W. made a good point: that it can very hot and rewarding as long as there is trust. Trust is the key in that kind of sex play.
Then it was just the pleasant virtual pillow talk, our hopes of seeing each soon, and good night kisses ending it.


Midwestern City Boy said...

This was a great trilogy. What parts of it do you wish were real and what parts would you prefer to remain fantasy?

Anonymous said... ask an excellent question! I don't think I've ever gotten one like that before. I'm really into being tied up and forced, the mixture of bondage and forced oral would be all I needed in my fantasy.