Thursday, July 3, 2008

Any Thoughts?

A male co-worker today got me thinking about something I didn't know about myself.
We have about a dozen people in my office and because of the nature of our work (social services), we are a like minded group that is a great team. The guy I speak of is 60 years old and has literally been all over the world. He mentioned that I was the woman in the office that "obviously had talents beyond those of most women"
I didn't skip a beat and replied with "who have you been talking too?"
We both laughed and he immediately wanted to explain what he meant. His answer to my question was "I can just tell".
It was interesting because I am not a beautiful woman. I'm not slim or young. I've often thought that since I don't look like Barbie® I make up for it with other 'talents'. I have always preferred the company of men and perhaps this helps with the confidence factor that many men seem to like.
I told CJ about the remarks of the co-worker and he seemed to understand completely. He said he thought that lots of men, if they saw me walking down the street, would think to themselves 'I bet she's a good cocksucker'.
I would like to think I have decent (or is it indecent?) talents beyond the art of fellatio.
I thought CJ's opinion was only because he knew me, but he said that he was not letting his own feelings mix with his explanation.

Help me here, especially the guys. What is this about?
How does my co-worker know the 'dark side' of me? By the way, I haven't disclosed any information to him. What do you think causes this instinct?


Anonymous said...

It is a combination of things, such as the way you carry yourself, the confidence you show, and the way co-workers have seen you eat a banana at work! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you check to see if you had any "local" hits on your blog recently? Perhaps he's got a wild side and surfs the net in places that you wouldn't expect.

Anonymous said...

kannon....very good, that is a real possibility!

mcb...I do have local hits, but I always thought that if someone I knew found out about this blog it would take a away some of the fun. I like walking into work, for example, and thinking to myself "I'm Dirty Debbie and these people would be dumb-founded if they knew" LOL

fred said...

I don’t believe you can tell from looks. I think at best it might come out in your personality and the way you behave.