Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is This Possible?

Tonight CJ told me that: "All I ever think about is sex". He didn't seem to be kidding.
So I want to know what my readers think. Can you have too much sex on the brain? If you do tell me what "too much" is. Personally I don't think that's all I think about. It sure would ruin my job performance if I Although truthfully I do get some ideas for stories at work...mmm.
Add any thoughts in the comment area and please take my poll.
Thanks all.

Can You Think Too Much About Sex?
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No Way
What was he thinking?
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Dan said...

Of course, there are people who are compulsively sexual, and it very much interferes with their lives ("sex addiction" is a problematic term). But you're asking about sexual thoughts, not overt sexual behavior. I'd say it's possible and probably rare to have so many sexual thought that they are detrimental to the rest of life.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dan, you bring up a good point...sexual addiction. I am not an addict or a "nympho". I am hoping that my thoughts are not detrimental ;)
I do wonder if it's just my usual vocal self that caused the comment. Just because something isn't voiced, doesn't mean it isn't being thought about. Perhaps CJ is even "worse" than I am! LOL.

Anonymous said...

In today's society with all of our rules and regulations, yes. but humans in general , no. What would we do besides sex if we were independently wealthy?

MrManicDepressive said...

You should have added 2 items for each choice in your poll. Male and Female. It would be interesting to see the breakdown. Me? I think about sex every damn minute of the day. Sex with my wife, sex with her sisters, sex with my co-workers, my wife fucking many men and women in the woods. It doesn't hurt my job performance any. I don't think it does anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

MCB: as always you make a good point!

MrMD: I wish I thought of the male vs female option, I'll have to remember that for my next poll. And by the way, I like the way you think ;)

Lauren said...

There's no such thing... God, lately all I can think about is sex. I guess that's what happens when a dry spell ends. LOL

Anonymous said...

Interesting lauren, I figured all I was thinking about was sex because I'm in a dry spell. I guess it works both ways.

Tommy said...

I believe that if you repress your sexaul thoughts (I mean as in work on NOT having them) then it will negatively effect your sexuality. However, there are practical times that thinking of Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day so you can clear your head and walk to your next meeting comfortably is absolutely necessary.