Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I finally got my stimulus check.
I can't figure out when the battery goes or what to stimulate.
Can anyone help?


Richard said...

It wasn't enough to stimulate anything.
A thousand dollars would have gotten results.

Trainer said...

Well, considering it's from the goverment, let's assume its meant for your ass.

And these days, no batteries, it must run on recycled, organic, fair trade, peruvian dwarf pygmy goat dung.

Anonymous said...

Trainer...I think you're right on both points and thanks for the smile.

Upton said...

Ok...I think you're missing a very good "greening of America" moment here (TM-Albert Gore). You don't need batteries, if you have the check.

What you do is think about takin' that check and spending it all on a Coach purse...then, still clutching the check, allow your hand to drop to your're hand'll be shakin' so hard, you'd think it was a Binford 9000 magic wand with the g-spot attachment.

You're welcome. And you get to save a whale or something too.

Mr. Upton Ogood

Anonymous said...

I am glad you got yours. I am still waiting on mine. Here is to stimulation! Of course, I have to agree with Richard that the amount was not a great choice or effective for what they hoped to achieve when sending out the checks.